Coleen Rooney: Here's why she decided to stay with husband Wayne, despite many difficult obstacles

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Coleen Rooney has opened up about the obstacles in her marriage, and the reason she decided to stick to her husband Wayne.

Coleen Rooney, the wife of Wayne Rooney has been married to the former Manchester United captain since 2008. The relationship which began between two sixteen-year-olds ended in a lavish $15 million wedding, and a family life thereafter. Right now, the couple seems to have it all. Four happy and healthy boys, a £20 million Cheshire home, and a Netflix series featuring Coleen.

While everything seems straight out of a fairytale for the Rooney household, the truth is far from it. Like many marriages, the Rooney family has also seen some trying times. But despite it all, Coleen has chosen to remain by her husband’s side, through thick and thin. Here’s why that is.

Coleen and Wayne’s relationship

Having started dating rather young, the star couple have been through a lot together in the 20+ years they have been together. The long relationship has stood the test of time, given the difficult phases it went through many a time. Coleen Rooney recalled the thought process she had when she met her now-husband for the first time. She said the following to The Sunday Times.

“He was cheeky and that turned into charm, and I fell for it. Would I have thought I’d marry him? Probably no, but I fell in love. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight, but it gradually did happen.”

Being a media personality herself, Coleen has always had a lot of limelight and media attention. And the release of her personal struggle journey with her documentary Coleen Rooney: The Real Wagatha Story, really puts her struggle as a high-profile celebrity out there.

Now with Wayne and Coleen Rooney possibly moving to Birmingham City, Coleen is slowly revealing details about her life, layer by layer.

The family life

Wayne and Coleen have four sons, with their oldest one Kai being a carbon copy of Wayne. While they enjoy a robust family life with their kids, there is a lot of struggle that has happened behind the scenes. Wayne Rooney who has been linked to several infidelity rumors may not be the perfect husband, but he looks like he is the perfect father. She said the following to The Sunday Times about Wayne’s parenting skills.

“He is the best at bedtime. Like, he gives them a bath, puts them in bed and you literally don’t hear a peep out of them. With me, I can see to everything and I always get, ‘Mummmm!”

The difficult times

The couple and their marriage did face their fair share of struggles. And has made headlines for it. With critics stating that the relationship is a lost cause, Coleen had her own reasons for sticking with Wayne. Just like how Victoria Beckham addressed the toughest time in her marriage with David, in his Netflix documentary titled ‘Beckham’, Coleen Rooney also just came out about her personal life, and the difficult times with Wayne.

As per The Independent, Coleen said the following as a response to critics arguing that they would’ve ended the relationship if they were in her shoes.

“I think if you’re in the public eye, people look upon you and think they know you, but they don’t actually.”
“We know each other. There’s love there, and if there wasn’t we wouldn’t still be together. So I’m not stupid. I know people might say, ‘Oh, I would have left him years ago,’ but why, when you still have something to work at? You can comment on my life all you like, but that’s the way I want to live it. And hopefully that’s how it always will be.”

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