Dolly Parton rejected Kate Middleton's tea invite, the reason why is not what you'd think

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Few people are granted the privilege of enjoying a tea party with the Royal Family, but even fewer would turn down such honor for a hilarious reason like Dolly Parton.

The British royal family's affinity for tea is a well-known tradition that often sees them engaged in formal tea parties and gatherings. It's a custom that showcases their appreciation for both the beverage and the social interactions it fosters. However, even royals occasionally face the challenges of coordinating schedules and commitments. Dolly Parton's recent trip to London presented her with an extraordinary opportunity—an invitation to have tea with none other than the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. Yet, amid her packed schedule and work commitments, the renowned country music legend found herself in the rare position of having to politely decline the royal invitation.

Dolly Parton rejected Kate Middleton's tea invite, the reason why is not what you'd think NBC

Missed tea date due to new album

During a candid and light-hearted interview on BBC Radio 2, Parton shared her experience of being invited to tea by Princess Kate. Despite the heartfelt gesture, Parton humorously revealed that she felt compelled to decline the invitation due to her busy itinerary.

The reason behind Parton's inability to accept the royal invitation was her tight schedule, which was primarily dedicated to promoting her upcoming rock album Rockstar. This highly anticipated album features collaborative efforts with music legends like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, and other notable artists.

Parton, who has a reputation for her wit and humor, light-heartedly explained that while she found the Princess's invitation 'very sweet and nice,' she couldn't justify the meeting's lack of contribution to promoting her rock album.

The 58-year-old told BBC Radio 2 host Winkleman:

'This time, Lordy, I even got invited to have tea with Kate. And I felt so bad… I couldn’t even go! They had all this stuff set up. And one of these days I’m going to get to do that… That would be great!'

The Jolene star even joked that there was another reason for her to skip the honor, 'She wasn’t going to promote my rock album, so I had to say no.'

Dolly Parton rejected Kate Middleton's tea invite, the reason why is not what you'd think Samir Hussein

Parton's storied career has brought her in contact with royalty on multiple occasions. Fondly recalling her performance at Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee celebration in 1977, Parton admitted that despite her successful career, she was both thrilled and slightly apprehensive about adhering to proper royal etiquette. The encounter left her genuinely impressed by the Queen's warmth, as she told the Insider back in February:

'Even though you have to do the protocol, you have to bow and all that, I could tell that she didn't care about that. That's just something she had to do.And if somebody made a mistake, it was OK.'

Tribute album and Hall of Fame

As per CNN, Rockstar marks Dolly Parton's daring entry into the realm of rock music and serves as a tribute to her 2022 induction into the esteemed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame—an honor she initially questioned her eligibility for. With the album's global release date set for November 17, music enthusiasts and fans of Parton can hardly wait to immerse themselves in her latest musical journey.

Dolly Parton rejected Kate Middleton's tea invite, the reason why is not what you'd think Mike Marsland

Dolly Parton's career is studded with a string of hits that have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Songs like 9 to 5, Here You Come Again, Coat of Many Colors, Islands in the Stream, Jolene, and Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That are just a few examples of her chart-topping successes that have resonated with audiences worldwide.

Parton's enduring legacy extends beyond her musical achievements. She's a philanthropist, actress, businesswoman, and cultural icon who has consistently used her literacy initiative, Imagination Library, to show her unwavering support for LGBTQ+ rights.

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