Katie Price: Model reportedly back with ex-fiancé Carl Woods

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Read to find out where the rocky relationship of Carl and Katie stand at the moment.

Carl Woods and Katie Price have reportedly gotten back together after a tumultuous relationship timeline. Despite the rocky history, the couple seems to be giving their relationship another chance, as they were recently spotted having an interaction with each other.

However, it remains to be seen if they will be able to work through their issues and make their relationship last this time around.

Katie Price: Model reportedly back with ex-fiancé Carl Woods Ricky Vigil

A troubled relationship

Carl and Katie started dating in 2020, and just 10 months later they got engaged. At the time, it seemed like the perfect relationship. The couple was frequently seen publicly displaying their affection for each other, and even got tattoos of each other on their arms.

However, the cracks began to appear in February 2022 when Woods was accused of using threatening behavior against Katie. Despite the accusations, the case was subsequently dropped due to lack of evidence in June, reports The Sun.

Katie Price: Model reportedly back with ex-fiancé Carl Woods Neil P. Mockford

The following month, Katie announced a media hiatus due to 'personal reasons' and the media was rife with rumors of split. During the same month, she was spotted without her engagement ring and this added fuel to the fire, reports The Daily Mail.

At that time, Carl came forward and noted that he was 'the only person that helps her, no one else' and declared that he was 'the best f**king fella' through a heated rant on Instagram, but at that point the public had gotten a hint of instabilities within the relationship.

According to The Daily Mail, these hints were enhanced when Katie responded to a fan who had asked whether the model was still with Woods, to which she responded by saying 'no.' Katie subsequently deleted the comment, stating that her account was hacked.

Katie Price: Model reportedly back with ex-fiancé Carl Woods MEGA

The final straw

On November 22, Carl took to Instagram to announce that the couple were no longer together, citing that Katie had crossed boundaries that he wasn't willing to accept or forgive. Although it was aburpt, it came as no surprise for many as the couple have been going through a rough patch, reports Evening Standard.

Carl said:

So, there’s no easy way for me to say this and to be honest with you, it’s quite embarrassing. But me and Katie are not together anymore.

He added:

So yeah, that’s the end of that, I guess. I’m just going to have to focus on rebuilding myself and get my life back on track and concentrate on me. But that’s done.
Katie Price: Model reportedly back with ex-fiancé Carl Woods Neil Mockford

A possible rekindling

Despite the repeated rough patches, the couple was recently spotted at a football match of Katie's son, Jett, and they were seen to be on good terms with each other. This comes days after Carl threatened to release recordings that would've revealed what Katie had done, reports The Daily Mail.

However, The Daily Mail further reports that friends of the couple have reportedly noted that the 'relationship is over for good,' and that Katie had begged Carl to stay. Insiders further report that they are not back together.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, a source noted:

They're definitely not back together. Katie was trying to win him back but pals don't see him ever getting back with her. He is pretty adamant that he is done now.

Although the fate of the couple's relationship is uncertain at the moment, the one element of certainty is that their relationship has been mired with bumps on the road. Carl seemingly decided that it has been a streak of one too many bumps, and it remains to be seen if there is even a possibility of rekindling. Katie Price has three children, two of whom with ex-husband Peter Andre. They are both incredibly doting parents and Peter recently shared his pride of his daughter Princess.

Katie Price: Model reportedly back with ex-fiancé Carl Woods MEGA

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