Linda Robson latest victim of death hoax as rumours of her dying spread on the internet

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Linda Robson had a hilariously quirky response to her death hoax, and put the rumors to rest with just one video.

Every other celebrity is a victim of a death hoax or two, given the digital era we live in. This is especially true in the case of older celebrities. Lately, a pattern has emerged wherein the cast members of Loose Women are the subjects of these death hoaxes.

Not one or two, but three of the Loose Women cast have been put through the ordeal of dealing with a death hoax. Here’s what happened.

Loose Women panelists get targeted

While Loose Women continues to announce new members, the older ones get targeted by internet bullies. After internet trolls targeted Denise Welch and Janet Street-Porter, they went on to create fake death rumors about yet another Loose Women panelist, that is Linda Robson.

Linda Robson, who never backs away from stating her truth, be it her regrets about motherhood, or her living arrangement with her husband, really reacted to this hoax. And she hit back at the rumor mongers and internet trolls by addressing the elephant in the room, AKA her alleged ‘death’.

Linda reacts to the rumors

Last weekend was not a good one for Linda Robson or her loved ones. With fake news hitting the internet about her death, social media platforms saw a massive amount of tributes honouring the 65-year-old’s life and legacy. And Linda started the new week with numerous calls and messages from friends and family after they stumbled upon these online reports.

Linda, who was clearly unhappy with this hoax, took to her social media and posted a video of herself dismissing these rumours. Linda’s hilarious approach to squashing these rumors garnered a lot of attention from her fans, and couldn’t help but put a smile on their faces. Here’s what the video was about.

The video

Linda chose a quirky approach to letting the world know that she was very much alive and kicking. The video saw Linda cross-armed and lying in what looked like a coffin, with her eyes closed.

Then, she suddenly opened her eyes and lifted her upper body up from her velvety couch, in a ‘rising from the dead’ manner. And opened her eyes to prove that she was still alive. The caption to this post said the following.

“Woke up to lots of messages and calls, apparently there has been a rumour I had passed away going around. You won’t get rid of me that easy!”

Fans were delighted by this witty video, and the comments section was filled with users expressing their relief because Robson was alive. Some users also chose to express their irritation at the internet trolls, who are up to their necks in trouble.

The other rumors

This death hoax came just a few weeks after Linda’s co-panelists, Denise Welch and Janet Street-Porter, were reported dead. Denise, who is a former Coronation Street star said the following about her death rumours, as per The Express.

"Someone had changed my Wikipedia page. You know that ridiculous thing where anyone can go into Wikipedia and change it?”
"It's stupid, but anyway someone did. I had to invest in the humour of it because I was so riddled with nerves about this concert and I thought, 'I can't be anxious about this.”
"It was predominantly taking place on Twitter, but it was going viral.”
“My insides fell out. And I had a look, and it was #RIPDeniseWelch and then I read the Wikipedia bit and it said that I had been run over by a mobility scooter driven by an ex-Big Brother contestant called Terry who was a makeup artist for the traveller community."

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