Here's why Shirley Ballas called off her engagement to partner Danny Taylor

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Shirley Ballas has allegedly changed her mind about marriage, as the dancer recently called off her engagement with her long-term partner.

Shirley Ballas is one of the world’s most popular dancers and dance adjudicators to ever exist. Being deemed the ‘Queen of Latin’, she is the head judge at BBC’s iconic show Strictly Come Dancing.

Professionally, Shirley is on top of her career and is really making her mark in the world of dance, at 63 years of age. While her career graph is nothing short of extraordinary, her personal life is moving in its own direction. The Strictly Come judge recently called off her long-term relationship with ex-fiance. And here’s the reason why.

Shirley Ballas calls off her wedding

From the time Shirley Ballas announced the 2023 Strictly Come line-up, to now, the dancer has come a long way. From being engaged to the love of her life to now calling off her engagement, Shirley has taken some big moves this year.

Shirley has had a tough year, no doubt, especially given the fact that 2023 threw some curveballs at Shirley that made her scared to even leave her home. But, slowly, the dancer is sorting her life out. And one big change she made was to call off her engagement to her partner, Danny Taylor. Here’s the reason why.

Shirley Ballas X Danny Taylor

Shirley has revealed that she was ‘pushing it’ when it comes to being engaged to her long-term partner, Danny Taylor. She recently put the rumours to rest, when she addressed her calling off her engagement publicly. Shirley and 50-year-old Taylor have been together since 2019, and at the time, Shirley seemed to be eager to be engaged.

And things even went to the extent of Shirley flaunting a diamond engagement ring on her left ring finger, earlier this year. But the Strictly Come judge has changed her mind about marriage over the course of the year. Here’s what she said about it.

Shirley opens up about marriage

In conversation with OK! Magazine, Shirley got candid and vocal about her failed engagement. She said the following about it.

“There was a point there where I wanted to get married. I was pushing it, pushing it, pushing it, pushing it - and then there was one point where it was clear and obvious it was just me. So for me, marriage is off the table for now.”

Shirley also spoke about the fact that her previous marriages were made in a hasty mood, and she did not want to follow the same patterns. Addressing that, she said.

“I have a tendency to jump into marriage. I thought I needed somebody, but I only need to rely on myself.”

Shirley’s family life

Despite calling off the engagement, the couple seems very much together. Danny himself has also revealed that marriage is presently on the back burner for the couple, as per The Express. And they want to enjoy the little moments together without the pressure of having to plan a wedding. In fact, the couple is taking it easy, and even had a luxurious early Christmas celebration in Shirley’s home, wherein the couple was photographed cozying it up and enjoying the festive season.

But wedding or not, Shirley sure has reason to celebrate, given that she is a brand new grandmother. She said the following about her newest family member, who she can’t seem to stop gushing over.

“One of the biggest thrills in my entire life, with all the ups and downs, and all the accolades, was the birth of my son. I have the opportunity with a grandbaby to be able to go over there. I’m extremely fortunate to be in a position now where I can do that, so I’m very excited."

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