George Lazenby: Here's how the James Bond star is doing after suffering a head injury

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007 actor George Lazenby's team has shared a health update, after the star suffered a brain injury. Here's how he's doing.

With every year passing by so quickly, time sure is flying. And with that, the sad reality of aging catches up with us. People who were once our favorite actors are slowly experiencing old age and the complications that come with it.

And James Bond star George Lazenby is one of them. The 84-year-old Australian actor and former James Bond is the second one to portray the iconic 007 character, way back in 1969. After a quick stint with the movie franchise, George Lazenby has been dabbling with a bunch of acting jobs throughout his life.

And today, the actor is facing his share of difficulties, due to a nasty fall that he suffered earlier this year. Here’s everything we know about his current condition.

The fall

Old age comes with its share of hurdles. And last month seemed to have been a bad month for icons, given that both George Lazenby and Stephen Fry suffered a major fall.

Lazenby’s fall resulted in a head injury, which turned into a brain injury. While the speculation about the new James Bond hero is still happening, it is safe to say that Lazenby might not make a cameo in the movie, given his condition. After his fall, which happened at his residence, George Lazenby was hospitalised so that he could get the right treatment and was cared for at a California nursing home. His management team gave the world an update about his health status recently, and here’s what it is.

The update

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), Lazenby’s management team shared his health update with his fans. The picture saw the iconic 007 actor looking quite sprightly. The star was sitting up in bed, while being tucked under the covers, and smiling at the camera. But, fans couldn’t help but notice a massive scar on his head, thus indicating that his fall was quite bad.

As per The Metro, the post was written by a member of his team from Anders Frejdh Talent Management. And this post said the following.

“Three weeks after my arrival, I’m very happy to report our client George Lazenby has safely returned home.”
“After an accidental fall at home in November leading to a head injury, he’s rehabilitated well thanks to the great team at Beverly West Healthcare for which I, his family, and friends are grateful for.”
“Not easy getting old but at 84, George has certainly demonstrated what a fighter he is. Love and only love."

Fans wish George a speedy recovery

This post was positive news for Lazenby’s fans, and they were quick to react to the post. Sending him an exorbitant amount of get well soon, and speedy recovery messages, this post was filled with well-wishes pouring their hearts out to the 007 star. Here are some of the messages that flooded the comments section of the post.

“Best early Christmas present. Glad George is on the mend.”
“All the best George, glad to see him back on the mend.”
“That’s a heck of a bang to the head there buddy. Tell him Merry Christmas.”

Lazenby’s newest controversy

While George was well-received in general by the audiences, most recently, he received a lot of flak as he was reportedly heard bragging about his sexual conquests, swearing, and partaking in homophobic comments. This controversial streak seems to be an ongoing trend among the older generation, given that most recently, Piers Morgan was caught making controversial comments, which he later apologised for.

Right now, it looks like his controversial statements are behind him. And he is currently focussing on recovering from his fall.

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