Matt Goss reveals deep feud he has with twin brother Luke

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Matt and Luke Goss formed one of the most popular boybands in the 80s but later tread separate paths both personally and professionally.

Sibling relationships are often a complex mix of love, camaraderie, and occasional discord. In the realm of music, these dynamics can become even more pronounced, as creative collaborations intertwine with personal connections. One such story of a strained sibling bond comes from the world of 1980s pop music, involving the twin brothers, Matt and Luke Goss.

As the lead singer and drummer of the popular band Bros, the Goss brothers achieved fame and adoration from fans around the world. However, beneath the surface of their musical success, a deep feud has been brewing, threatening to forever change their relationship.

Bros: A legacy

Matt Goss and Luke Goss shot to fame in the late 1980s as members of the highly successful band Bros, alongside their friend Craig Logan. With their energetic performances and catchy songs like When Will I Be Famous? and I Owe You Nothing, Bros became a sensation, amassing a dedicated fan base and achieving chart-topping success, with more than 16 million records sold worldwide.

The band's success was not limited to the music charts alone. They cultivated a massive fanbase, affectionately known as the 'Brosettes,' who followed them with unwavering devotion. The Brosettes' dedication was so remarkable that during a record-signing event at HMV on Oxford Street in London, the overwhelming number of fans caused the police to close off parts of the street for safety.

Matt Goss reveals deep feud he has with twin brother Luke Tim Ronney

Bros' popularity continued to soar, and their first-ever UK tour sold out within an hour of tickets going on sale. With their infectious pop tunes, charismatic stage presence, and legions of fans, Bros became one of the biggest acts of the late 1980s music scene.

Brewing feud between brothers

Matt Goss, the lead singer of the iconic 1980s pop group Bros, has recently opened up about the deep feud he has with his twin brother Luke.

The feud between Matt and Luke Goss recently came to the forefront when Matt made a heartfelt revelation during an appearance on Good Morning Britain. When asked about a potential Bros reunion, Matt's response took a surprising turn as he admitted that he and Luke were not on speaking terms.

Matt Goss reveals deep feud he has with twin brother Luke David M. Benett

In a poignant moment, Matt confessed:

'We're not talking at the moment... I don't know, Luke, if you're watching this, we should talk at least'

He further elaborated on the dysfunctional nature of their relationship, revealing that they had gone months without any communication:

'Well, we're not talking at the moment... We're so dysfunctional me and Luke at times, we haven't spoken for months.'

Future of Bros

The revelation of the deep feud between Matt and Luke Goss raises questions about the future of Bros and the possibility of a reunion. Despite the animosity and distance, Matt expressed his longing to perform on stage with his brother once again.

'I really wanna get on stage. My favorite person to play with on stage is my brother, but I don’t want to lie to you guys and say it’s all hunky dory.'
Matt Goss reveals deep feud he has with twin brother Luke Karwai Tang

Following their split in 1992, the Goss brothers embarked on separate paths, both personally and professionally. While Matt Goss continued to pursue a career in music, showcasing his talents in Las Vegas performances, his brother Luke took a surprising turn and ventured into the world of Hollywood acting.

Luke, now 54 years old, made notable appearances in films such as Blade II, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Interview with a Hitman, and the 2020 Christmas movie The Loss Adjuster, where he shared the screen with Dame Joan Collins.

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