Robbie Williams is still struggling with Covid-19 as he has problems performing on stage

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Robbie Williams, who is a two-time COVID-19 patient, had to stop his concert as his health conditions started acting up, here's what happened.

Robbie Williams is a 90s sensation who was a singer and songwriter for the famous band Take That. After he went solo in 96, there was no stopping him. But recently, his health has been taking a toll on him, adversely affecting his performance as a musician.

Robbie, who has produced hits such as Candy, Feel, and Angels, visibly struggled to get through his own concert recently and had to call it a day, just a few songs in. And the reason for his health issues is none other than COVID-19. Yes, you read that right. While most parts of the world have long forgotten about the deadly coronavirus, Robbie Williams is still paying the price, as it has affected his craft, even after all this time. Here’s the complete scoop on what happened during this concert, and how COVID-19 has influenced Robbie, as a musician.

Robbie Williams’ stint with COVID-19

Like many people who have survived the 2020 pandemic, Robbie too was affected by the coronavirus. But Robbie, unlike many people, got COVID-19 twice. As per Lad Bible, the first was in April of 2020, when he was at his home in Los Angeles. The second occasion was when he was on holiday in St. Barts in the Caribbean with his wife, Ayda, and four children. They were quarantined in their resort, which is not a bad way to spend quarantine, but Robbie felt otherwise, especially regarding the mental toll COVID-19 takes on the person suffering from it.

Robbie even went on to comment about his quarantine and lockdown days, saying the following:

“The mental struggle has been the hardest bit about isolation, making sure we don't slip into our own dark holes."

COVID-19, being the unpredictable illness it is, manifests in different ways in different bodies. Not only is the exhaustion physical, but some people also experience mental exhaustion, which can be just as bad, if not worse. And even in terms of recovery, the virus has proven to be different for various people, with its long-term effects being unknown. So, Robbie Williams’ case of exhaustion and lethargy while performing on stage is something that is not unusual for the virus.

Robbie Williams’ episode at the Pinkpop festival

Playing at the Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands sounds like a dream come true for most artists, and it seemed to be going the same way for Robbie, till it wasn’t. Robbie, unfortunately, had to stop his concert halfway as he was struggling to make music. He immediately told his band ‘ "No, stop stop. I'm f**ked. I'm f**ked.’

This reaction alarmed his fans, and the band immediately took a break. As per Lad Bible, Robbie said the following, while saying that he had ‘long COVID’, and it was not his age that was taking a toll on his performance. Whatever it was, Robbie picked himself up and didn’t let his health conditions affect the concert further.

The show must go on

After encountering this unforeseen setback, fans were a bit puzzled as to if he would continue with the concert. But the discomfort of exhaustion didn’t affect Robbie’s spirit. After taking a short break, Robbie Williams resumed the show and went on to perform 16 more songs. Not only did he resume his concert, but he went on to deliver an energetic and captivating performance for his audiences. Robbie has back-to-back shows lined up across various areas in Europe in the coming weeks. From Norway to Austria, Finland, and the United Kingdom, he’s all set to bring his ‘Back For Good’ to his audience.

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