Nigel Farage described as "shameful" in fiery jungle clash

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Nigel Farage’s actions have been described as “shameful” by I’m A Celebrity 2023 co-star Fred Siriex. The fiery exchange in the jungle over Farage’s Brexit campaign left other campmates feeling a bit awkward.

In a surprising turn of events within the I'm A Celebrity 2023 jungle, sparks flew as First Dates star Fred Sirieix confronted fellow campmate Nigel Farage over the contentious issue of Brexit. What started as a casual conversation about politics quickly escalated into a heated disagreement, leaving co-stars in an awkward position.

Nigel Farage challenged

Fred Sirieix, the 51-year-old Frenchman, didn't waste any time challenging Farage's Brexit campaign, denouncing it as "shameful." Despite having spent less than 48 hours in camp together, Sirieix questioned Farage's tactics and motivations for advocating the UK's departure from the European Union in 2016. The conversation unfolded with fellow campmates Josie Gibson and Danielle Harold inquiring about ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson's true nature, leading Farage to describe him as entertaining but surprisingly introverted.

Nigel Farage described as "shameful" in fiery jungle clash ITV

As the discussion delved deeper, Fred Sirieix raised a pointed question to Farage: "What's the benefit of Brexit for the average person in Britain?" This question triggered a tense exchange where Farage emphasised the importance of independence, while Sirieix accused him of using divisive tactics, branding his campaign as "shameful."

The conversation took a notable turn when Fred Sirieix recalled Farage's controversial "breaking point" anti-EU poster from 2016, depicting a long queue of migrants. Farage defended the poster, stating it portrayed the reality of mass movement across borders. However, Sirieix insisted that it was a form of demonising migrants, echoing the sentiments of other politicians who had criticised the poster's inflammatory nature.

In the aftermath of the clash, both participants held firm to their beliefs, with Farage emphasising that Brexit is about self-governance and asserting the UK's control over its decisions. Sirieix, on the other hand, argued that the average person in the UK had suffered due to the consequences of Brexit.

Brexit division endures

The friction between the two personalities highlighted the divisive nature of the Brexit issue, prompting Grace Dent, a fellow campmate, to opt for washing dishes rather than engaging in the debate. Dent expressed her reluctance to discuss Brexit, stating, "I would 100% rather wash up than listen to another single word about Brexit."

As the episode aired, viewers took to social media to express their support for Fred Sirieix, applauding him for challenging Farage's political stance. Many even suggested that Sirieix should be the winner of this year's series, praising him as the "people's prince."

I’m A Celebrity ratings drop

While the clash between Sirieix and Farage generated buzz, the show faced a dip in ratings compared to the previous year, after Farage's controversial inclusion in this year's series. Reports suggested that the inclusion of Nigel Farage in the lineup led to a boycott by thousands of viewers, as reflected in the decline in the opening night's ratings.

Despite the ratings dip, the confrontation between Fred Sirieix and Nigel Farage added a dynamic layer to the I'm A Celebrity 2023 series, bringing real-world debates into the heart of the jungle.

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