Nigel Farage's first post-jungle meal has fans 'disgusted', this is what he ate

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The former Brexit leader finished third in the jungle and, just like Matt Hancock, has landed himself in hot water since joining I'm A Celebrity.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! fans were left feeling queasy as they tuned in to the Coming Out show, witnessing a moment they deemed 'disgusting' involving former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. The final episode saw celebrities reintegrating into normal life after enduring three weeks in the jungle. Nigel, who secured the third spot in this year's competition, grabbed attention with his choice of post-jungle feast: sardines, Toblerone, and beer.

Nigel Farage's post-jungle meal disgusted fans HGL

Viewers are disgusted by Nigel's taste

Viewers took to social media platforms to express their astonishment at the unconventional meal selection. One Twitter user questioned, 'Beer, sardines and Toblerone… tf sort of combination #ImACeleb,' while another remarked, 'Why am I not surprised that Nigel is a sardine kind of man.' The oddity of the combination prompted various reactions, with some finding the choices intriguing and others downright bewildering.

Nigel's culinary preferences weren't the only topic of discussion. Despite becoming the highest-paid campmate in the show's history with a seven-figure fee, he emphasized that financial gain wasn't his primary motivation. Upon landing back in the UK, Nigel shared his reflections on the experience, telling The Mirror:

'This has been the most amazing adventure, I’ve proved to myself I can do things I never believed I could. I hope I’ve shown the British public I’m not the devil that half of them seem to think I am.'

However, his time in the jungle was not without negotiations. Reports surfaced that Nigel, a heavy smoker, almost declined participation due to the show's smoking ban. Ultimately, a compromise was reached, allowing him to continue his nicotine habit during the jungle stint, as per The Mirror.

Returning to England, Nigel expressed his gratitude to followers on Instagram, teasing, 'I'm back, and I'll tell you what, I've got a lot to say.' His appearance on the reality show came with a hefty price tag, as he reportedly received £1.2 million, making him the highest-earning contestant in the history of the series.

The reality TV journey concluded with Nigel securing the third position, trailing behind runner-up Tony Bellew and the ultimate winner, Sam Thompson. Farage's journey on the show included moments of humor, such as joking about becoming a 'camp remainer.'

Nigel Farage's post-jungle meal disgusted fans Bloomberg

No more reality show for politicians?

However, the post-show euphoria took a turn as Nigel engaged in a war of words with ITV's director of television, Kevin Lygo. As per The Guardian, the politician initiated a verbal clash with ITV's Director of Television, alleging that the director made his life 'quite unpleasant' and cautioning against a potential 'war.' Such scandal is likely to bring an end to politicians' role on reality TV shows, as per The Guardian.

The former leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party has asserted, following his departure from I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, that deliberate censorship took place. Farage claims that ITV intentionally curtailed his screen time and opted to showcase moments where he was nude.

In a brief statement upon his return to GB News, Farage remarked, 'It seems whilst I was in there, one or two people at the top of ITV were doing their best to make life quite unpleasant for me.'

Last year, the ex-Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, participated in the show with the aim of restoring his public image following his resignation from government due to a breach of his own Covid guidelines. He also finished third.

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