This trans man is in the spotlight for being pregnant, here's what he has to say

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From receiving an unexpected surprise that shatters everything he stands for, to embracing it happily, Logan Brown's story is the definition of unique.

As the world is embracing pride month, which happens every June, the world is slowly opening up safe platforms for all kinds of people to express themselves without any discrimination. While so many LGBTQIA+ stories remain unheard, hidden within the shadows of the binary, there are so many interesting journeys that are coming to light every year.

Making headlines recently, Logan Brown, the cover face of Glamour’s June edition, has a unique story. Representing the LGBTQIA+ community this year, Logan’s story is one-of-a-kind, interesting, and unlike anything that the world has heard before. If you’re wondering what Logan Brown’s story is all about, you’re at the right place.

An introduction to Logan Brown

Logan Brown is a popular non-binary drag performer positioned in the UK. Being a transgender man, and author, Logan is now preparing to take on yet another role - as a father. After receiving the news of a surprise pregnancy along with his partner Bailey J Mills, Logan’s story is unique as most pregnancies almost always revolve around Cis-hetero people.

While the transgender community seldom talks about pregnancy, childcare, and health, Logan’s story is a refreshing change to the world, which is slowly welcoming the non-binary community. Bailey and Logan are all set to become parents, and here’s how they met.

The story behind the couple

Logan and Bailey both belong to the LGBTQIA+ community and they met almost two years ago. Bailey, who goes by the pronouns they/them, made an impression on Logan through their video, which they posted online. And as per Glamour’s interview with Logan, this is how it went:

I came across some of their videos, and I thought, “Who is that?” I felt like I could relate to them, being the misfit all the time. And then I saw a more vulnerable video of them, and that’s when I thought, “They’re a bit of me.” I thought they were very cute. I literally just reached out to them and said, “You’re really cute,” and then we went on a date. It was not a usual date; it was just chaos. I’m obsessed with them.

The unexpected news

Both Logan and Bailey were surprised to find out about the pregnancy, given that they haven’t been together that long. Logan, who was off testosterone for some health reasons at the time, didn’t feel good internally and took a test to find out he was pregnant.

He was initially surrounded by the feeling that this wasn’t a good thing, given everything that he had to do in the past to establish his identity as a trans man. But he soon embraced the idea of having his own child born out of the flesh and blood of him and his partner. And from there, it was onward and upward for the couple.

Social media’s reaction to the big announcement

Social media, as usual, had a lot of negativity to spew aimed at the couple. While Logan was not surprised by the negative comments, given the fact that it was an unusual situation, he faced some extreme hate-spewing by the infamous keyboard warriors. Despite everything, the couple did get love from the queer community and the transphobic commenters allegedly lost a ton of followers over this.

Talking to Glamour about the issue, Logan spoke about famous TikTokers and social media influencers' transphobic comments that kept emphasizing one point - ‘Men can’t get pregnant’.

While Logan did try educating the audience with a TikTok about his pregnancy, he did not feel the need to change his identity because of an accidental pregnancy. Either way, Logan admitted that he got more love than hate, and proudly mentioned that yes, he is a trans pregnant man, and he does exist, despite what anyone else thinks.

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