Pink's latest encounter with fan during concert is shocking, here's what happened

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Pink recently endured an unpleasant incident at her concert, when a fan threw something terrible at her, here's what it is.

Concerts see a lot of things thrown in the air, from hands to glitter and confetti. And being an avenue for people to come together and rejoice at the sound of their favorite artist, concerts can really be an emotional place for people.

And while so many emotional things happen at a concert, from screaming out ‘encore’, to emotional and crying fans, and heartfelt tributes by musicians, the world has seen something extremely shocking recently, at a Pink concert, when a fan took things to a whole new level. And it is unlike anything anyone has seen happening at a concert. Here’s what it is.

Pink’s latest concert

Pink fans can get a bit hardcore. The So What singer has a loyal and hardcore fanbase throughout the world, and for good reason, given that her tunes are catchy, relatable, and in line with pop culture.

The former ‘woman of the year’, recently kicked off her 2023-2024 summer carnival tour supporting her new album Trustfall. And she has been delivering outstanding performance after performance, but one concert really stood out and for the weirdest of reasons.

The 3-time Grammy winner recently experienced something stunning in one of her concerts which took place on the 25th of June (Sunday) in London. And this occurred when a fan threw the ashes of their deceased relative while the singer was performing. Here’s what went down.

The shocking incident

The concert that happened at BST Hyde Park saw a shocking moment when someone in the audience threw a bag full of grey powder at the ‘Most Girls’ singer. This odd incident happened as the artist was performing her hit song ‘Just Like a Pill’.

Pink, was taken aback when the grey powdered baggie was tossed around in the air by a fan. And it turns out that it was the ashes of the fan’s mother. Yes, you read that right. And ‘just like a pill’, this incident was a hard one to swallow, for both Pink and the rest of the audience present there. As per Billboard, this is how it went:

“This is your mom?” the mohawked musician questioned the fan, horrified. “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

After saying this, the singer went on to set the bag down behind a speaker and seemed visibly uncomfortable the whole time. She immediately continued to sing her song, without giving more attention to, or addressing what happened just a couple of seconds ago. The internet has been going wild, with this video making rounds, and with different reactions from people. But believe it or not, this isn’t the first time, a fan has done the unimaginable during a concert.

Strange objects that were thrown at musicians before

Fans often toss things at musicians, and here are some of the strangest things the world has seen. As per Ranker, fans have tossed the weirdest things at artists while they are performing on stage. From a live chicken that was thrown at Alice Cooper, to a lollipop thrown at David Bowie, some fans have taken things to a whole new level.

According to Ranker, Smash Mouth was subject to loaves of bread thrown at them, while Cher Lloyd has even seen a bottle of urine thrown at her while performing, which prompted her to stop her performance, given how dangerous and disgusting it was.

Harry Styles in particular has endured a lot during his performances. From tampons being thrown at a One Direction concert, to chicken nuggets and Skittles, the Watermelon Sugar singer, has seen it all while performing, as per GQ.

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