One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's teenage sister Phoebe announces pregnancy

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Louis Tomlinson's teenage sister Phoebe just announced her pregnancy, which is a good change after everything the Tomlinson family has been through.

Louis Tomlinson made One Direction what it is. The English singer-songwriter has so many half-siblings. His parents, Jay Poulston and Troy Austin split soon after he was born, and from there his step-father Mark Tomlinson and his sisters were his family.

While different siblings of Louis Tomlinson made news over the years, for various reasons, right now, the spotlight is on his younger sister, Phoebe Tomlinson. Here’s why Louis’s sister is making headlines.

Phoebe Tomlinson’s big announcement

Phoebe Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson’s little sister, has announced that she is pregnant with her first child. Phoebe, who is just 19 years old, took to Instagram by sharing a black-and-white video to reveal the big news. She is expecting a child with her boyfriend, Jack Varley. Phoebe, who is an Instagram influencer, shared her heartfelt video, recording reactions of her family members to the news, including her twin sister Daisy and her father Mark Tomlinson.

The video featured Phoebe taken by surprise by the positive pregnancy test. As per The Independent, she went on to share a picture of an ultrasound, a onesie that read: “Coming soon baby Varley,” and a teddy bear.

It also saw her sister Lottie and her son joining her for her ultrasound scan. Social media garnered a whole lot of comments and messages pouring in for the young mom-to-be. But, there was no comment by Louis on the post. But fans of the singer were quick to comment on the post, saying that he’d be thrilled at the news of becoming an uncle yet again.

Louis Tomlinson is and has been very vocal about being extremely involved with his family. But while everything might seem perfect in terms of his family life, that is far from the truth. Louis has a tragic past that no one can erase, with some back-to-back deaths shaking up his world. Here’s what happened in Louis’s life.

Louis Tomlinson’s tragic past

To say Louis has endured a lot at a young age is an understatement. He has endured the loss of two important family members at a young age, and it is nothing short of tragic. The first blow to the family was when Louis’s mom Joannah (Jay) Deakin died in 2016, after suffering from cancer. She died of leukemia at the age of 43, leaving the whole family devastated.

The song Two of Us’ is an homage to his mother and the irreparable loss he faced when she passed away. Louis’s mother left behind six of Louis’s siblings, which included the then two-year-old twins - Ernest and Doris, as per Nicki Swift. But just when the family was slowly getting back to normal after Joannah’s death, they encountered yet another personal family tragedy, which was the loss of Félicité Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson’s devastating loss

Louis and his family suffered a tragic loss in March 2019, when his 18-year-old sister, Félicité Tomlinson passed away from a suspected heart attack.

Félicité, who was an Instagram influencer, was pronounced dead by paramedics when she was brought to the hospital. This news shook the Tomlinson family, as Félicité had never displayed any signs of health issues before that. Louis, who was heartbroken after the tragic event, even canceled his promotion work.

Needless to say, these back-to-back losses really affected the Tomlinson household. And Louis has stood as a pillar of support for his other siblings during these trying times, which is why fans are a little surprised when they didn’t see a comment from Louis Tomlinson’s side on Phoebe’s post. Either way, looks like things are looking up for the Tomlinson family, after suffering these major losses.

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