Sharon Osbourne has changed a lot in the past few years, here's what she looked like when she was younger

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Sharon Osbourne is the talk of the internet, with old pre-transformation pictures of hers doing its rounds. Here's why.

Sharon Osbourne has been in the media limelight for years now. Married to the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon has been his long-time manager, besides being an author and television personality herself. Despite being a full-time caregiver to Ozzy, who is currently dealing with Parkinson's, Sharon is quite active socially. Sharon is juggling a lot of things in her life, but here’s everything she is doing presently.

From swearing in front of the King to hosting talk shows, she has done it all, and she has done it unlike anyone else. Talking about Sharon’s current life, there are pictures making their rounds around the internet about her physical transformation. Here’s the complete scoop on Sharon’s past look versus how she looks now.

Sharon’s throwback look

In what is deemed as ‘virtually unrecognizable’, the internet saw another side to Sharon Osbourne recently. Throwing back to 1987, a family photo of Sharon and Ozzy shocked fans, as both of them looked so different, especially Sharon. The popular media personality was sporting a typical mom look from back in the day, with an 80s cropped bouffant hairdo, a baggy denim shirt, and a blue skirt, as per The Mirror. She is visibly several pounds heavier and is nothing like the sleek red-haired icon she is today. X users have even gone ahead and commented on the wonders that surgery does for a person.

Ozzy is also seen sporting a totally different look, wearing a pastel blue shirt and white trousers, unlike his gothic-inspired look that he is always seen in.

The family that transformed

Well, it looks like a family that transforms together, stays together. It isn’t just Sharon and Ozzy who look like completely different people, but their children, too. The series of family pictures feature their children Aimee, Kelly, and Jack, all of whom are in shades of baby blue and white, in a soft and pastel tone. The whole family is famous for their goth looks with black ensembles, wacky hairdos, and accessories that they have often seen sporting in the past.

Sharon Osbourne today

The most recent picture of Sharon is even more shocking to the fans of the Osbourne family. The author has further lost weight, by flaunting her new look, sans 30 pounds. Recently, the star stepped out on the streets of London with her daughter Aimee, and the pictures from that trip shocked the paps given how slim Sharon looked. In fact, Sharon herself had allegedly revealed that she goes 3 days without eating, thus promoting diet cultures that may or may not be toxic.

As per Page 6, Sharon looked more glamorous than ever as she partook in some shopping in the upmarket Mayfair area, where she donned a black suit and matching jacket with gold detailing.

Sharon’s diet culture

About Sharon’s current eating habits, the Daily Mail shared this conversation between the Osbourne members, when Jack (Sharon’s and Ozzy’s son) said.

“When you break it down, you are nine meals away from a complete and utter breakdown. That’s three days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That goes away for people, they go three days without eating, they will murder each other, their neighbors, everything.”

To this, Sharon replied by saying the following.

“God, I do that every week. At least three days without eating.”

While Sharon Osbourne looks great, given her sleek figure, chiseled face, and exceptional taste in fashion, the star looks like she’s putting in a lot to stay this way. And with starvation itself coming into play, losing weight this way has proved to be unsustainable in the past. But so far, Sharon is rocking her diet, and her killer looks at the moment.

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