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From being a total heart-throb to his fans, to garnering criticism about his looks, Simon Cowell's cosmetic experiments are receiving tons of backlash.

Simon Cowell needs no formal introduction. He has brought life and drama to many reality shows, from American Idol to The X Factor and America’s Got Talent. From launching so many significant artists and bands to being crowned as one of the most influential people in Britain, he has done it all.

Needless to say, Simon Cowell is extremely popular with the masses. But, most recently, his fans could not even recognize him after a so-called transformation. And even garnered a little criticism from them. Here’s why fans are unhappy with his new transformation.

Simon Cowell’s ‘new look’

Simon Cowell recently came out and posted a video of him congratulating One Direction on a streamlining milestone that they recently hit. While the content and message of the video were well-meaning, fans could not see through his new look. His face, which is significantly smoother than before, didn’t sit well with his fans, and some people even deemed it a ‘Botox fail’ and even prompted the reality TV star to quit cosmetic procedures and let aging take its course.

The irony of it all is the fact that the video Cowell posted was a snippet on Instagram commemorating ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, which surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Fans react to Cowell’s new look

Fans of the British music legend were quick to point out criticism after watching the Instagram video saying that the 63-year-old Cowell was better off without all the cosmetic changes on his face. There was a slew of comments with his followers expressing their displeasure after catching a glimpse of Simon Cowell’s post-beautification face.

Here are some of the comments that disappointed fans threw at The X Factor star, in the comments section of the video:

“Ffs Simon your [sic] a very nice man but please leave your face alone.”
“What on earth has happened to your face?”
“Let this be a lesson to all, let yourself age naturally”
“You used to look good before the plastic Simon”

The recent death hoax

This video was posted following a death hoax involving Simon. As per Page Six, a digitally manipulated photo was making rounds of Cowell lying in a hospital bed. And fans believed that he had passed away. This was supported by another digitally altered image of mourners carrying Cowell’s coffin. Simon, however, came out and declared that he was very much alive, and even joked about his ‘changing face’.

The ‘changing face’

This video that Simon put up right after the death hoax made fans forget all about his alleged 'death' and brought light to his ‘new face’. Simon Cowell has even addressed his plastic surgeries, fillers, and Botox before on one of the UK-based talent shows that he is a judge in. He joked about ‘changing his face again’ when a contestant said that it was hard to make a Rubik’s cube out of Cowell’s face.

As per Page Six, Cowell also admitted in 2022, that he had gone too far with injectables and the fact that he ended up looking like something out of a horror film. In conversation with The Sun, he said:

“There was a phase where everyone was having their faces pumped full of this and the other. There was a stage where I might have gone a bit too far. I saw a picture of me from ‘before’ the other day and didn’t recognize it as me first of all.”

But he also ended this topic by saying that he has had enough. And that there are presently no fillers in his face, zero, as per his own account.

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