This is what Strictly's Dianne Buswell really thought when she found out she was paired with Bobby Brazier

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Strictly's Dianne Buswell spilled the beans about her first reaction when she was paired with Bobby Brazier.

Strictly Come Dancing has had its audience glued to the screens, ever since the new season began in September. With the show picking up heat, the show has taken many an unexpected turn, with Amanda Abbington leaving the show. From news that a major judge could leave the show, to health hurdles that a certain contestant is facing, so many things are happening.

Despite it all, fans always have a keen eye on their favorite contestants, and this season around, it is none other than the enchanting dancing duo Dianne Buswell, and Bobby Brazier. While the dance partners were setting the stage on fire, time and again, Dianne recently opened up about a big worry she had when she first knew that she was pairing up with the young actor. Here’s what it is.

Dianne’s initial reaction

For context, Bobby Brazier is an English actor and model, who is steadily rising to fame every single day. Being just 20 years of age, he is also a National Television Star winner.

Presently, we see a great chemistry on and off the dancefloor between Dianne and Bobby. But worry was allegedly Dianne’s first reaction when the two were paired together. During their first-ever meeting, Dianne thought that this partnership was going to be ‘tough’. Discussing their most recent performance, Bobby and Dianne opened up to Janette Manrara, and they spilled the beans on initial reactions.

The conversation with Manrara

As per The Express, the conversation with Manrara revealed the following information. Firstly, Janette asked the following.

"Di, you have thrown literally everything at Bobby and he has just taken all of it in his stride, really. Has he exceeded your expectations?"

To this, Dianne replied saying.

"I am so proud of him. I must admit when I first saw him I thought 'Ooh this might be tough' he has got a lot of limbs. You are so tall (speaking to Bobby) and I mean you have never danced before so I thought, 'Ok this could be harder than I think'.”
“But he just... He has such a great little brain on him that he just absorbs everything I tell him and sometimes I only have to tell him something once and it just locks in. He is just so amazing to work with.”

Given that Dianne Buswell is a professional dancer, it is fair to say that these concerns were valid. From Dancing with the Stars (Australia) to multiple stints with Strictly Come Dancing, Dianne has earned herself quite a rep for her inimitable moves.

Aiming for a full score

Waltzing past the recent Halloween week, Janette addressed the fact that the dance duo hadn’t gotten the perfect score, AKA a 10 till now when she said.

"You still haven't got a 10. Do you think the 10 is in sight, Dianne?"

To this, Dianne replied, saying the following.

"I would like to hope so, at some point. I am so happy with this week's dance, but you know, we're just happy to be out there and enjoying ourselves."

Bobby countered this point by saying:

"Can you ever expect a 10? Can you ever, what going into it, and knowing you will get a 10?"

To this, Dianne replied with an ‘of course’, thus confirming her ambition to get a 10. The duo did a dynamic and energetic cha-cha performance donning the costumes of Hansel and Gretel. They received mixed reactions from everyone watching, and it seemed like the performance didn’t go as planned. They received a 9 and a 6 on the same performance, thus enraging their fans.

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