Adele looks completely different today, and this is the secret behind her transformation

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From losing over 100 pounds, to talking about body positivity and mental health, Adele's transformation isn't just physical.

Adele’s recent weight loss needs no introduction. The ‘Skyfallsinger has gone through a transformation over the year, given her hefty figure when she started her career many years ago.

Being a celebrated singer and 15-time Grammy winner is surely feathers on her cap, but recently, her weight loss seems to outweigh all her other achievements as far as fans are concerned. While there was a lot of bullying Adele had to face before her weight loss, she is currently facing a lot of flak post-weight loss as well. From praising her dedication towards fitness to bringing up body positivity, here’s everything you need to know about Adele’s transformation.

Adele’s weight loss transformation

Fans got a sneak peek at Adele’s transformation around the time of the pandemic. Donning a slimmer physique, she posted a picture of herself in 2020, that garnered a lot of praise and attention online.

It doesn’t take a doctor or scientist to know that weight loss, particularly around stubborn fat (waist, arms, etc.) requires exponential amounts of discipline and dedication.

There were so many questions that fans had regarding her new avatar, but Adele chose to be intentionally silent through it all. From what probed this transformation, to how she actually achieved it, fans from all over the world wanted a scoop of Adele’s routine that led her to this 100+ pound weight loss. Adele finally broke the silence in an interview with British Vogue and said:

I did it for myself and not anyone else. So why would I ever share it? I don’t find it fascinating. It’s my body.

Adele’s approach to weight loss

Adele has been vocal about pursuing fitness over weight loss. She allegedly exercised for her health, physical and mental, as opposed to shedding some pounds. Her anxiety was one of the key reasons for her newly adopted lifestyle. The ‘Hello’ singer also emphasized on what a person wants to gain, as opposed to lose, while exercising. For Adele, it was all about becoming healthy and feeling good internally, as opposed to living life based on what the weighing scale said.

It is also vital to remember that Adele allegedly started her weight loss journey back in 2016, and had opted to pursue the slow and steady method, instead of inconsistent diet fads and obsessive workout plans.

Experts have said that Adele’s quality of ‘not preaching’ about her weight loss journey is refreshing. Given that celebrity weight loss transformations are widely followed and discussed, there is also room for triggering and unrealistic messages that surround it, which causes a lot of anxiety and mental health issues, as per Everyday Health.

Adele’s secret weight loss method

According to Pink Villa, Adele did not run after extreme diet fads, be it intermittent fasting or a special diet. Instead, she chose healthy food options, which consisted of fresh greens, fruits, and probiotics. She did do some extreme workout routines during the initial days of the COVID-19 quarantine. With weight training, which consisted of deadlifts, reformer pilates, and hikes, she is said to have indulged in a variety of movements and exercises during the lockdown.

Despite Adele not disclosing her diet to whoever follows her, fans are allegedly speculating that she could have followed the ‘sirtfood diet’. For those who don’t know what it is, the sirtfood diet is about eliminating ‘starchy’ food from the diet. It also requires the person in question to cut out processed, sugary and full-fat foods.

Although there is no actual diet plan that fans can refer to, it is safe to assume that Adele eats highly nutritious food, to fuel her workouts. Whether it is vitamins, proteins, minerals, or fiber, her meals must have been well-balanced, to achieve this level of transformation.

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