Tom Cruise looks completely different in his latest photos as the actor turns 61 next month

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Tom Cruise looks completely unlike his usual self while promoting the new Mission Impossible movie, and here's why.

Tom Cruise is one of those actors that defies age, and the stereotypes that come with it. Being a stuntman, an adrenaline junkie, and a hands-on actor, he is known for his action roles. And with age, unlike many of his peers, he has no intention to tone it down, be it his action or stunts.

He made a recent public appearance while promoting one of his movies, and fans could not help but talk about how he looked and presented himself. And this is why.

Tom Cruise’s latest launch

Tom Cruise successfully launched the seventh part of the blockbuster Mission Impossible franchise, earlier this week at a premiere in London. The film titled Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part 1, is a much-awaited sequel to the MI franchise which has gone on to do outstandingly commercially.

Twitter users were quick to point out that Tom Cruise had lost his usual perfectly polished appearance while at the premiere. But, it could be him letting loose and embracing the wild inner child in him, right before the release. Because being wild is one of the things that defines the MI franchise.

He even addressed his dreams as a child while talking about his upcoming release. As per BBC, he said:

“Since I was a little kid, that's what I did. When I was three or four years old I was jumping off my roof and climbing trees - I wanted to make movies, I wanted adventure, I wanted to travel the world.”

Tom Cruise’s ‘unpolished look’

While internet users have mixed feelings about his new ‘scruffy’ or unpolished look. The Top Gun actor made his grand entry in a grey three-piece suit and even flashed a smile for the cameras and paps who were waiting for a good shot of him.

But as the night progressed, Cruise became seemingly ‘unpolished’ as per Daily Mail, as he was partying till 3 AM, to celebrate his upcoming release. He looked visibly unkempt as he made his way to his car and got driven off. But, then again, it is ‘impossible’ to maintain a look for anyone partying till 3 AM.

More about the Mission Impossible movie

Mission Impossible, as the name suggests, always comes with its share of perceivably impossible stunts executed to perfection by Tom Cruise. While the film releases on the 14th of July, and critics' reviews should be out in a week.

The film, which was partly shot in the UK, features some death-defying motorcycle stunts, as seen previously. But this time, it has a scene where Tom Cruise jumps off a cliff with his motorcycle.

And the actor admitted having given his everything to nail this role, and according to BBC, he said the following about his new film:

"It was actually years of training... because I fly jets, I fly helicopters, I fly aeroplanes. I'm a skydiver, I'm a parachuter, race cars, motorcycles.
"[This film] was a culmination of all my skills.... There's a lot going on there's a lot happening... [but] the most important part is getting the shot and getting the story across."

While the COVID-19 situation in 2020 brought about many roadblocks in the filming of the movie, the makers and crew overcame it. With delayed shoot schedules and other external challenges in the way, the film has successfully wrapped up and is ready for its awaited release.

Needless to say, this one is likely to be a blockbuster hit, like every other Mission Impossible movie made so far. With part two of the Dead Reckoning movie not far behind, it is likely to hit the screens in 2024.

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