Brad Pitt: This is the secret behind why the 59-year-old actor looks 20 years younger

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Brad Pitt's new transformation has got him looking like a 40 year old. Here's the secret behind his youthful radiance.

Brad Pitt is surely like fine wine when it comes to aging, proving that he might actually be a real life Benjamin Button. Despite being 59, the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actor’s age-defying looks keep shocking the internet. But while Brad Pitt’s look might seem like it's something he just threw on, with minimal effort and care, it is far from the truth.

In fact, Brad Pitt has always gone the extra mile when it came to his looks, be it his hair or attire. And recently the Fight Club star was spotted in the Silverstone racetrack, dressed as an F1 driver, given that his next film sees him in the role of a retired driver. And fans of the actor are in awe of how he doesn’t look a day over 40. And here’s the reason for his youthful look as per men’s grooming experts.

Brad Pitt’s youthful glow

There is no doubt that Brad Pitt is genetically blessed with a killer jawline, and flawless skin and hair, but it takes a ton of care and effort to upkeep it at this age. And a lot of how he looks really starts with his hair. According to Guray Kesman, who is the founder of the Kesman Male Grooming in London, the Bullet Train actor’s hair length is perfect for his age. This is what he said as per INews:

“When men of his age go too short, it can look as if they are trying too hard to look young. The shape is perfect. He has kept it square which is quite a masculine look with his jawline”

As per Andrew Jose, yet another grooming expert, the following style tip is what Brad Pitt has applied to his look:

“The short hair makes him look as if he hasn’t had his hair done. He just owns it. There is a way of cutting hair which gives you the texture of tone and softness, where a person owns the style instead of being dominated by it.”

A carefully curated hair care regime

There is no doubt that a lot of thought has gone into making Brad Pitt look the way he is, at the dawn of his 60th birthday. His stylist has clearly played with texture to give his look a twist, without making his hair look slick. And thanks to his great genes, he doesn’t have thinning hair like most of the other people his age, which is a big bonus. Besides that, we can see that Brad Pitt has gone for subtle highlights at the tips of his hair. This really adds to the illusion of thickness, without it looking like a full-blown dye.

Skincare at its best

Brad Pitt has young, radiant, and glowing skin, even at this age. While there is no confirmation if Pitt has dabbled with Botox, it is to be noted that he does embrace his one-off wrinkles and fine lines effortlessly, adding to his look. His skin looks hydrated, and as per Nick Hems, a grooming expert, Pitt is likely to have the following as a part of his skincare routine:

"He will have a skincare specialist that has been put together for his precise skin type. This will include day creams and also night creams to keep his skin hydrated as much as possible. He will also be using SPF to protect himself from the sun. That will really protect you from aging spots later in life.”

To top this off, Brad Pitt has allegedly been off alcohol for the past six years, ever since his divorce from Angelina Jolie. And it really shows in his skin. And believe it or not, a healthy lifestyle always shows on the skin, even after years of abusing the system with alcohol, smoking, and other unhealthy habits.

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