Sarah Beeny reveals she thought she would die at 39, here's how the star is doing today

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Sarah Beeny, like the spirited person she is, just faced a major health hurdle, and this is what it is.

Over the years, Sarah Beeny has made so many TV shows related to real estate, giving the English audience a plethora of information about interior decorating and building.

From giving her audience a peek at her vast estate and home, to different areas of her life, Beeny is just one of those happy-go-lucky people who love to share ideas. Sarah Beeny is so many things; her fans can vouch for that. Besides being a broadcaster, entrepreneur, property expert, writer, and TV presenter, she is also a survivor. The Property Ladder star is a cancer survivor. Here are the complete details on Beeny’s tryst with cancer, how she’s feeling now, and what the future beholds.

Sarah Beeny’s cancer diagnoses

Beeny, diagnosed recently, had a lot to say about her diagnosis, present condition, and journey toward being a survivor. Sarah Beeny was diagnosed with breast cancer last August, and it has been a whirlwind of a ride for the 51-year-old TV star. When Beeny was first diagnosed, she admitted that she thought she was going to die. In an interview with The Guardian, she said:

“They say: ‘You’ve got cancer.’ And you hear: ‘What kind of coffin do you want?’” she says. “I was slightly hysterical about not dying, with everyone going: ‘You’re not going to die.’ And me saying: ‘I can’t die, I can’t die.”

But, being the fighter she is, Beeny didn’t let cancer bring her down entirely. But, instead she worked on surviving it and educating her fans about it.

Sarah Beeny’s war against cancer

Sarah Beeny admitted on an interview that before she got diagnosed with cancer, she didn’t know anything about it. So much so that she didn’t even know the difference between chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In her interview with The Guardian, she also mentioned that although she wanted to maneuver the choppy waters of cancer without telling anyone, she didn’t want that kind of burden on her sons. She said:

“And I wanted them to be able to talk to anyone they wanted to. As a basic principle, I think secrets are really toxic.”
“If I told this story, there might be loads of people who wouldn’t be so scared. Because living with the fear of cancer is really hard. It’s disproportionate to the risk. I’m not going to say that all cancer is the same, breast cancer is completely different. But I do know that with all cancer treatment, we can base our fears largely on something that happened 10 or 20 or 30 years ago, to someone we loved.”

Sarah Beeny’s current condition

Beeny also spoke about how her illness tested the resilience of her family. And spoke highly of them for the support and care she received from them. Being the force of nature she is, not even cancer could bring her down. And great news for Beeny and her fans, as she has been given the all-clear sign from her doctors after undergoing chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. Given that Sarah Beeny herself lost her mother to breast cancer many years ago, she is feeling grateful and blessed to be alive, and so much she’s fortunate for.

But, despite the fact that she has been given the all-clear signal from her doctors, she is expected to be on a course of drugs for the next decade, and be extremely vigilant. She also spoke to the Telegraph wherein she urged women to get themselves tested regularly and go with their instincts.

She is, in fact, releasing a documentary series that follows her breast cancer journey titled Breast Cancer, My Family and Me.
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