Vanessa Feltz makes big confession about her time on reality shows

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Vanessa Feltz has been a fixture on our TV screens with her appearances on reality shows, but she has made a major decision about her future.

Vanessa Feltz, the 60-year-old TalkTV host, has shared her insights into the infamous 'Strictly Curse' while also reflecting on her recent appearance on Celebs Go Dating. Vanessa, who participated in Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, admitted that she too fell under the spell of the Strictly magic, developing strong feelings for her dance partner, James Jordan.

Strictly romance didn't come true

Speaking about her experience on Strictly, Vanessa confessed, 'When I took part in Strictly, I didn't think the curse applied to me.' Despite being in a long-term relationship with Ben Ofoedu for seven years at the time, Vanessa found herself deeply infatuated with James Jordan for a brief period during the show. She described being 'absolutely dazzled' by Jordan and how her heart 'palpitated at the sight of him.'

Vanessa Feltz makes big confession about her time on reality shows Mike Marsland

However, she clarified that she never believed Jordan would leave his wife, Ola Jordan, or that she would end her relationship with Ben. In the end, Vanessa realized she was living in a fantasy and managed to regain her perspective.

Discussing the Strictly Curse, Vanessa explained to The Mirror:

'It's not that you fall in love with your partner on Strictly, or that you don't love your own partner at home; it's that Strictly is like a catapult that turns you into a different person.'

Vanessa's new journey to find lovee

Vanessa's venture into the world of reality dating TV began after her 17-year relationship with Ben Ofoedu came to an end earlier this year, rocked by allegations of infidelity on Ofoedu's part.

Vanessa Feltz makes big confession about her time on reality shows David M. Benett

Eager to find a new love as she's 'not comfortable' being single, Vanessa joined the cast of Celebs Go Dating, a show where celebrities date members of the public in the quest for romance. As per The Independent, other prominent faces on this season include Love Island stars Adam Collard and Chloe Burrows, Made in Chelsea’s Mark-Francis Vandelli, model Lottie Moss, and comedian Spuddz.

However, Vanessa's time on the show has been far from smooth sailing. The TalkTV star went on a dinner date with fellow single individual Richard, but she seemed disinterested during their meal. As Richard discussed his passion for football, Vanessa began scrolling through her phone, even though they were still at the dining table. During their encounter, Vanessa expressed her desire for her next romantic partner to be 'exciting and dynamic.'

It became evident that Richard sensed Vanessa's disengagement as he inquired, 'Do I fit that category?' The situation took a turn for the worse when Vanessa abruptly decided to leave, despite having a plate of food in front of her.

One fan fumed: 'I am in shock at how rude Vanessa is. That poor man. I hope she gets pulled up on her behaviour by the experts. There is no need for her rudeness and disrespect.'

Another furious fan typed: 'SO RUDE! What did you bring to the table Vanessa, apart from bad manners and disrespect?'

An emotional decision after the drama

Reflecting on her experience on the show, Vanessa expressed feeling unfairly treated by the show's editing process. She told The Daily Mail that she was unaware the editors would portray her in a negative light.

'I had no idea the editors were going to carve me up like that. I was always on my best behaviour for hours on end, and then they always showed the bit where I'm looking so pissed off at the end.'

As a result of her experience, she concluded that she has learned not to participate in any more reality TV shows.

'If I hadn't have been so sulky, they wouldn't have shown it. Dating at any [time is] hard but dating in front of thousands of people... I've learnt not to do any more reality TV.'

She continued:

'The audience sees what it sees and takes this lighthearted puffery with intense seriousness. Naturally, the broadcast is cut and edited to elicit maximum ratings – though if I’d been angelic throughout they’d have nothing negative to show, of course.'

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