Georgia Taylor: Coronation Street star splits with partner

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Read to find out the possible reasons why the long-time couple have chosen to split.

Georgia Taylor, star of the longest soap opera in the world, Coronation Street, recently revealed that she had gone through a difficult split with her long-time partner, Mark Letheren. Fans of the star are surprised by this announcement as many thought that this was one of the perfect relationships.

Why did the couple split, how long have they been married, and do they have children together?

Georgia Taylor: Coronation Street star splits with partner Mike Marsland

Who are the couple and how did they meet?

Georgia Taylor is a British actress best known for her role as Toyah Battersby in the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. She has also appeared in several other British TV shows including Casualty and Law & Order: UK.

In 1998, Taylor won the Best Young Actor award at the Inside Soap Awards for her portrayal of Toyah Battersby in Coronation Street, and in 2001 she won the Best Dramatic Performance at the British Soap Awards. This clearly highlights the dedication Taylor has given to her character and the subsequent impact on the series.

Georgia Taylor: Coronation Street star splits with partner Justin Goff

Her partner Letheren is also an actor who has worked in both television and theater. He is mostly known for his role as the journalist Simon Kitson in ITV's The Bill. He's also had a role in Casualty and a recurring role in Wire in the Blood as DS Kevin Geoffries. Aside from that, he's had small roles in movies as well, making his first big screen appearance along with Robert Downey Jr. in the 1995 film Restoration, reports The Sun.

Taylor and Letheren met on the set of BBC One's Casualty in 2008, and their romance progressed to rumors of marriage. Both of the actors settled down in a home in Bristol and it seemed as if the couple were committed to leading a family life alongside their busy acting schedules. Their relationship lasted for 14 years and they don't have any children together.

Georgia Taylor: Coronation Street star splits with partner

Why did they split?

A source speaking to The Sun noted that the couple split last year in July, and it was revealed that they weren't living together anymore. Although the exact reason for the split is not known, Letheren opened up about what he was going through, which gives a hint about the situation.

In an emotional social media post at the end of 2022, Letheren said:

It’s been the worst year after a number of increasingly s**t years. My life finally fell apart. Thankfully,I’m incredibly lucky and have a family who have picked up the pieces and are trying to help me re-build myself.

He added:

It’s thanks to them I’m still here and trying to move forward. For that, I am truly grateful. “Whatever the new year brings I hope that strength, humility, joy, and love are in abundance for you all.
Georgia Taylor: Coronation Street star splits with partner

Taylor, on the other hand, hasn't spoken much about the split, and additionally, she hasn't posted anything about Letheren on Social media in over two years, reports The Sun. This could indicate that there was an issue with the couple that was building up over time.

Prior to the split, Taylor had appeared on ITV's Lorraine and the host remarked on how the couple met on the set of Casualty, and how it's nice that they are working in the same industry, but Georgia made a correction when the host noted that the couple was married, saying 'yeah, we’re actually not married but we practically are because we’ve been together so long.'

Taylor added:

We met, he was a sort of semi-regular character, he was playing a councillor ironically, which is then what Toyah ended up doing. We met, gosh 13 years ago. So yeah, got him out of the job and lots of friends and it was a really good time.
Georgia Taylor: Coronation Street star splits with partner

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