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Bryan Adams recently revealed how he feels about his former 'special' friend - Princess Diana.

Lady Diana was a magnet that attracted powerful and influential men from different walks of life. The then Princess of Wales, despite being in a seemingly doomed marriage, was an object of attraction, and a muse to various people.

Diana was close to various big names and headliners, and one of them was none other than Bryan Adams. Although their ‘friendship’ is a grey area, there is no denying that Diana and Adams were close and shared a rather intimate relationship. So much so that many people believed that it was more than just a friendship. Here’s everything you need to know about the equation between Diana and Bryan Adams.

Diana X Bryan Adams

Sir Elton John wasn’t the only songwriter who paid tribute to Princess Diana. Joining the Diana fan club pretty early in her life was none other than the singer of Summer of 69. The unlikely friendship between the royal and the singer bloomed when Adams wrote a song about the ‘doomed marriage’ between Diana and Charles.

The song intrigued Diana so much that she even invited Adams for a round of tea so that she could listen to the song again. And she also allegedly found the song ‘very funny’. But, much like the tragic life of the late Princess, the song too, was short-lived, as Adams retired the song in 1997 when Diana passed away out of respect for her.

The alleged ‘relationship’

Diana’s last partner Dodi Fayed wasn’t the only high-profile name linked with Princess Di. Bryan Adams and Diana were said to be very close around 1990, and it is speculated that they were even involved with each other romantically. The song Diana was allegedly written for the young royal, and its lyrics suggest that there was something brewing between Di and Adams. The lyrics included lines such as the following, besides blatantly calling Diana the queen of all his dreams.

"The day that he married you - I nearly lost my mind" and "Diana - what cha doing with a guy like him. He might have lots of dough; but I know he ain't right for you. You've got one choice - you can get away. Leave it up to me. I'll bring the ladder - if you bring your limousine."

But Adams has stuck to his stance of dismissing these lyrics as mere ‘laddish humour’. As per BBC, Bryan Adams’s ex-girlfriend Cecilie Thomsen said the following about her relationship with Adams and Di’s role in it.

"Ours was a stormy relationship and Bryan's affair with Diana didn't make it any easier".

The friendship that blossomed

While Diana has had many confidants such as Grace Kelly, it seems like she genuinely enjoyed the company of Adams. Bryan Adams has never acknowledged or addressed the affair rumours regarding Princess Di but has always spoken very highly of his late friend. In conversation with The Sunday Times, Adams said the following, recollecting his memories with The People’s Princess.

"In fact it's strange and surreal to think about. I really, really liked Diana, she was an amazing woman and a super-great inspiration. Meeting her was truly one of the greatest things that ever happened to me."

He spoke about his first official tea with Her Royal Highness and said.

"When I first went round to KP (Kensington Palace) she wasn't, like 'I really need to talk to somebody', and you don't bulldoze into someone's life wanting to know everything in the first 10 minutes. It was 'let's have a cup of tea'. But later the more friendly we got the more I learnt what was really going on."

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