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A recent warning issued by a royal butler warns the King to manage the royal finances well, or risk facing extinction.

The royal family and its line of succession, although drawn out for the most part, have its share of complications. After the longest reign ever seen, the late Queen Elizabeth passed on the title of the ruler to her son Charles most recently.

Charles, who became the monarch in September, despite being new to the title, was groomed for it all his life. And now, it is said that he has been issued a warning saying that the British royal family could head to extinction if they aren’t ‘very careful’. Here’s what happened.

The warning that came

Recently, King Charles was subjected to a warning that warned him to play his cards right. If not, the royal family could face extinction. Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, issued the warning. The royal butler, who worked for the late Princess till her death in 1997, said that the royal family could become extinct if they weren’t careful. Here’s why he said that.

The plausible reason for extinction

As most people who follow the royal family are aware, there have been speculations that King Charles wants to ‘slim down the monarchy’. On the other hand, Paul Burrell feels like the monarchy thrives on how the public perceives them. And the fact that, if they come across as ‘too excessive’ which they ideally shouldn’t, they will become irrelevant. He said the following, as per Entertainment Daily.

“The monarchy can’t come across as “too excessive because I think the minute the public don’t want them there, they won’t be there. I think it’s a dinosaur situation: I’ve always thought to myself that they could become extinct if they’re not careful.”

Paul Burrell’s reasoning for the theory

Paul Burrell, who has been an aide and an observer of the royal family for years, shared his few cents on the issue. Money, obviously, plays a vital role in how the royals are seen. Anything excessive and wasteful, involving money will leave a bad taste in the mouths of the public. In conversation with Slingo, Paul also said the following, while addressing this topic.

“I think it’s fair to increase [the sovereign grant] in line with inflation and you have to remember also that Camilla has given up her allowance, she’s not taking her allowance, which is a way forward.”
“They have to be very careful with the way they spend money and how much money comes from the privy purse, which is paid for by the taxpayer.”

The royals with their money

On one hand, the public is in awe of the monarchy and the royal family and even follows their every move. But, the other side of the coin is the fact that excessive spending of money could leave a hint of resentment in the eyes of the public. Paul Burrell says that, while the royals have a lifestyle to keep, it is essential that they show value for money whenever they can. He said:

“So I think the Royals have to show the way, they have to show the public that they are value for money and they are relevant to today, very important. I hope they’re getting the right, sound advice.”

He also added that the King isn’t quite as frugal as the late Queen when it comes to money. And that is a trait that he has not inherited from his mother or grandmother. It is no surprise that he likes elaborate decor and entertaining people. While addressing this, he said:

“That’s what I mean, you have to be careful and watch the expenditure because the minute the public rise up, it’s too late. So, he’s got to be careful.”

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