Prince William continues Royal Family legacy of 'staying silent' with one power move

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Prince William has chosen to take another route, contrary to what Prince Harry did previously. Here's what it is.

The ongoing beef between Prince William and Prince Harry is no big news, given that the world knows about it. The royal brothers haven’t seen eye-to-eye on many things in the recent past. Right after being ranked the most popular among 25 public figures in the news, defeating Biden and Trump, William is all set to take America by storm, with his visit. But, a visit to the U.S.A. means sharing ground with his brother Harry, whom he has an evident rift with, at the moment.

From being offended by the allegations made by Harry in his memoir ‘Spare’ and his Netflix documentary Meghan & Harry, to disagreeing on many levels, the brothers are evasive with each other.

And paving his own path, and not following the footsteps of Harry, William has taken a big decision regarding his upcoming US trip, and this is what it is.

Taking a different path

Prince William, who is currently in the U.S. is taking a different route from his brother in terms of interacting with the media. He has taken the decision not to do any interviews with American media channels during his visit there. Unlike Prince Harry, who often does interviews, Prince William has declined all offers, as per Deadline.

As per The Times, so many major U.S. networks are in an attempt to bid for interviews, but as far as The Prince of Wales is concerned, it is a big no for anyone who wants an interview with him. Despite not meeting the media giants of the US, this quick 48-hour trip will see Prince William meeting a lot of global leaders, who are looking to bring about some change.

Prince William’s visit to the U.S.

Prince William is visiting the United States of America for work. Performing his global statesman duties, he is currently visiting in connection with his Earthshot project which is a £50 million environmental award he is taking on, in order to inspire innovative solutions to climate change. The winners of this event will be announced in Singapore this year, wherein both William and Kate will be attending the event. William, who was there in time for the New York Climate Week, is all set to take his cause to the next level, with this visit.

His usual co-traveler and wife, Kate Middleton, did not join him on his trip to the U.S. but took her own route as she skipped New York to visit a youth charity in London. The Prince of Wales will be meeting big names like Cate Blanchett, who has always been in support of Earthshot. During this official solo trip, Prince William has no plans or inclinations to visit his brother who resides in California, which is fair because neither parties seem to want to reconcile at the moment.

Prince Harry’s media blitz

While William chose to remain silent during his trip, Prince Harry’s approach to media has been entirely different. Prince Harry went on a rampant media blitz earlier this year, in order to promote his book ‘Spare’. The book left a bitter taste in the mouths of the royals, particularly his brother.

Prince Harry’s book explored his issues and problems growing up in the royal family, under the shadows of his brother, William. The book also targeted Prince William, and his unwillingness to accept Meghan Markle and his attitude towards Harry. There were also details about a violent altercation between the brothers, wherein a physical fight was caused by William. This incident, however, was never publicly addressed by William, despite Harry’s claims. And ever since then, it has been a hint of cold blood between the brothers.

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