Royal Family failed to wish Lilibet on her birthday, and here's what it could mean

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Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor is the second-born child of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. Born in 2021, Lilibet was quick to take the internet by storm.

There are so many rumors and speculation in the air about the royal family and their intercurrents with each other. Oblivious to who she actually is, and her place in the royal family, Princess Lilibet seems to be enjoying a lovely childhood in California with her parents. After Prince Harry and Meghan officially renounced their royal duties and went their way to the U.S., the world has been curious about where their royal babies stand in the grander scheme of things. And we got a sneak peek of the current status of the royal family towards Harry’s kids when Lilibet, who many say looks exactly like the Queen, celebrated her 2nd birthday.

Princess Lilibet turns two

As the world already knows, it was Princess Lilibet’s birthday earlier this month, on the 4th of June. Princess Lilibet of Sussex, who turned two this month, is one of the littlest stars of the British royal family. The half-American-born heir occupies the 7th place in line for the succession of the British throne. But unlike her first birthday, Lilibet did not receive any wishes from the royal family members on their public media accounts. This pin-drop silence from the royal family says a lot about the alleged strained relationship between the British royals. Prince Harry even rejected King Charles' gift, requesting something else for the little Princess instead.

Birthday wishes to Princess Lilibet

Last year, Princess Lilibet received birthday wishes from King Charles, Queen Camilla, and, of course, the Prince and Princess of Wales. But, this year around, there were no public wishes whatsoever extended toward the young royal. The same silent treatment was noticed for Prince Archie’s 4th birthday, which was coincidentally on the same day as the coronation of King Charles. And as per royal experts, this silence means only one thing, things aren’t well within the royals, and their relationships are more strained than before.

Lilibet’s birthday seems to have been a quiet affair, with a family celebration in Los Angeles, to mark the little Princess’ second year around the sun.

What does this silence indicate?

Silence isn’t always golden, contrary to popular belief. The fact that the royal family remained silent on such a big day says a lot about the tension brewing within it. And social media was quick to grasp the tension, given that it was so publicly displayed by the royal family.

It is also speculated that the Queen’s passing has a lot to do with the sudden display of subtle hostility by the other members of the royal family. And the dynamics have shifted ever since her highness Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last. As per RS Locke’s (a royal commentator) chat with The Independent, he said the following about the present tension in the royal family:

Last year’s birthday acknowledgment was at the late Queen’s behest and an indication of the cordial relationship she had with Prince Harry, Meghan, and their children. King Charles’s decision not to publicly acknowledge his granddaughter’s birthday, nor Prince Archie’s last month, is a reflection of their strained relationship and likely an indication of the social media practices going forward.

The brewing tension

From Harry not marrying a royal, to him leaving the royal family and denouncing his royal duties, so many layers of tension have built up within the family. But the icing on top seems to be Harry’s and Meghan’s recent Netflix docuseries and his memoir titled ‘Spare’, in which he reveals a number of things about his royal family members. Needless to say, these allegations by Harry and Meghan were not received well by their extended family.

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