Sarah Ferguson could help Prince Andrew with massive £2M renovation on Royal Lodge

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Sarah Ferguson extends unwavering support to her ex yet again, as he is facing eviction from his royal residence.

Looks like a lot of the royal family members are in line to lose their royal residences under the rule of King Charles. From Prince Harry and Meghan losing their UK residence to offering it to Prince Andrew in the wake of all his controversies, King Charles is making some big changes.

Most recently, Prince Andrew almost lost his Royal Lodge mansion but was bailed out by his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Sarah Ferguson claims that she made this big move so that the late Queen can rest in peace knowing her son is happy. Fergie, who recently even revealed the Queen’s last words to her, is known for taking care of some of the Queen’s most prized possessions, even her beloved son. Here’s how Sarah Ferguson, AKA Fergie, bailed out Prince Andrew before he lost his home.

Fergie bails out Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew has been having a rough time the last three years, given his alleged role in the Epstein controversy. Due to this, he lost his military and HRH titles last year. Recently, he was threatened with eviction by the King, unless he repairs his Windsor residence, which is ridden with dampness throughout the property and needs urgent roof repairs. He instead offered Prince Harry’s former residence, the four-bedroom Frogmore Cottage, to the Duke of York. This was considered a big step down for Andrew, given that his £250,000 allowance was cut by the King. Andrew was furious by this threat and made it clear that he had no intention of moving, given that he signed a 75-year lease in 2003 when he moved into the house.

This put Prince Andrew in somewhat of a financial crunch, given that he needed to cough up £2 million needed for renovations. And helping Prince Andrew out financially is his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who has always extended support to the royal, even amidst his scandals.

Fergie’s support to Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew will be granted permission to stay indefinitely in his royal 30-room mansion only if he’s able to fund its repairs. Andrew is finding it challenging to fork out more after making the interim payment of £200,000 for roof repairs over this summer.

Fergie is adamant on helping Prince Andrew keep a roof over his head, according to The Mirror. As per a source close to Fergie, here’s why that is.

“It is true Sarah has a vested interest in Andrew continuing to live at Royal Lodge, as it is where she stays when in the UK. But it is more than that, this is about Andrew’s pride. Andrew has always stood by Sarah throughout her various past failures and she sees this as her chance to do the same.”

Another source close to Sarah Ferguson said the following about money matters between Fergie and her ex-husband.

“Her finances and the Duke’s are completely separate and it would be wrong to say she can shoulder this on her own, but she has always sought to pay her way as far as she can.”

Fergie’s take on the issue

Fergie has shown unwavering support to Prince Andrew over the years. And she has been vocal about how she will continue to support her ex-husband no matter what. She said the following in an interview about how the late Queen perceived her support.

“During the last three years, her poor son [Prince Andrew] has been going through such a tumultuous time, and I think HM [the late Queen] was very relieved I could help her with him, so we became even closer, then.”

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