Are Prince Harry and Meghan really feuding with the Beckhams? Here's what to know

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The Sussexes were once close friends with the Beckhams but their relationship has allegedly been deteriorating in recent months.

Prince Harry's recent encounter with Brooklyn Beckham and his wife, Nicola Peltz, at an Inter Miami football game in Los Angeles has reignited speculation about a rumored feud between the Sussexes and the Beckhams.

Fans and onlookers at the Inter Miami game in Los Angeles over the weekend couldn't help but notice what appeared to be tension as Prince Harry walked past the celebrity couple without making eye contact. This encounter has added fuel to the ongoing rumors of a feud between the Sussexes and the Beckhams, who were once close friends.

Are Prince Harry and Meghan really feuding with the Beckhams? Here's what to know Max Mumby

A royal walk-by

In a video shared on Twitter, Prince Harry was seen briskly walking past Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, accompanied by his security detail. As per The Evening Standard, the Duke of Sussex was headed to his $9,000-a-night VIP suite to watch the match, but as he strode through the lobby, he did not acknowledge the Beckhams. On the other hand, Brooklyn and Nicola came to a full stop upon spotting Prince Harry, but neither party made an effort to approach or exchange pleasantries. It’s unclear if he saw the couple, or if they saw him.

It's important to note that before Prince Harry and Meghan moved to California, they had a longstanding friendship with David and Victoria Beckham.

A friendship gone sour

The rift between the Sussexes and the Beckhams reportedly began when the royal couple became suspicious that David and Victoria had leaked stories about them to the press. A 'tense' phone call marked the beginning of the end, and it was reported by The Daily Mail that David Beckham was 'absolutely furious' about the accusations.

The Beckhams and the Sussexes were initially close friends, with David and Victoria being supportive when Meghan first arrived in the UK. They attended Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding in 2018 and appeared to have a strong bond. Meghan Markle also got style advice from Victoria Beckham, as per Vogue Australia.

However, the strains in their friendship started becoming evident when Prince Harry and Meghan did not attend Brooklyn Beckham's wedding to Nicola Peltz in April 2022. Despite being included on the guest list, the royal couple chose not to attend the lavish ceremony. The Sussexes aren't the only couple to have fallen out with the Beckhams. Tom Cruise also used to be close with the pair, but not any more.

Are Prince Harry and Meghan really feuding with the Beckhams? Here's what to know Max Mumby

The Beckham-Sussex friendship was forged in the days when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were still part of the royal family. The Independent writes that the couples forged a connection because Izzy May, who previously worked as David Beckham's communications director, was friends with Markus Anderson, the chief membership officer at Soho House. Anderson played a role in organizing the discreet initial dates between Meghan and Harry during the early stages of their relationship.

Prince Harry is no longer the spotlight

While Prince Harry's walk-by with Brooklyn and Nicola may have raised eyebrows, the Inter Miami game itself was a star-studded affair. The VIP crowd included celebrities like Selena Gomez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Jason Sudeikis.

Are Prince Harry and Meghan really feuding with the Beckhams? Here's what to know Ira L. Black-Corbis

As per The Mirror, Prince Harry was seen mingling with Hollywood's elite, including LAFC co-owner Will Ferrell, and seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere of the match. The Duke of Sussex even attempted to catch a glimpse of his favorite player, Lionel Messi, in action. The Argentine legend worked his magic once again as he assisted two goals, helping his team to a crucial 3-1 victory over the MLS Cup holders LAFC.

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