Prince Harry and Meghan could move out of £11M Montecito mansion, reports suggest

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be making big moves, as the couple plans to move out of Montecito to Malibu.

Just when it seemed like Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were easing into their new life in the USA, they are facing yet another small hurdle. For context, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex withdrew from the royal duties 3 years ago, and have been finding their footing on their own, as the world already knows.

Their journey took them to Canada, where they lived in a house, and spent the COVID-19 lockdown at Tyler Perry’s estate. Soon, the couple moved to California and slowly settled down as they raised their children there. But there could be yet another move for the former royal couple coming soon. Here’s what we know about it.

Harry and Meghan’s impending move

Having lost their UK residence lately, Harry and Meghan look like they are inclined to stay and make it work in California. Returning to the UK is not an option anymore, at least for now. They have been inhabiting their current Montecito residence for the past three years, and it looks like they're ready for some change. Rumour has it that the power couple is considering a rather big move to Los Angeles. They want to be closer to central LA, which is the hub of California. But, the real question is, where are they thinking of moving to from their $11.4 million mansion?

The chosen neighborhood

Like most A-listers, the parents of two are considering a star-studded area in Malibu, overlooking the beach. This makes sense since it takes a good 2-3 hours to reach central LA, from their current home, which is a 9-bedroom mansion. The couple is said to have fallen in love with Malibu while visiting a friend’s home during the summer. As per US Weekly, the reason for the shift stems from feeling remote and removed from the city, despite loving their Montecito home.

As per GB Times, a source spoke to the Express about this move and said:

"Harry and Meghan are reviewing their living options, with Malibu being a place of interest. They have secretly visited the area a couple of times and have been out and about, looking at what’s there. And Meghan knows parts of the region from being there as a kid. "It is uncertain if they will sell Montecito or just add a Malibu spot to buy.”

Harry’s and Meghan’s potential neighbours

Malibu is the kind of place that has drawn in a lot of people over the years. The seaside charm never goes out of style, with all kinds of celebrities owning properties and homes in the coastal city. It’s very close to Hollywood but isn’t bustling with people like Beverly Hills. It makes for a perfectly tucked away locality while staying close to the center.

The biggest of the biggest names from Hollywood resides in Malibu, and the royal couple might be rubbing shoulders with some of them, given the close proximity. But, whatever is said and done, Malibu offers complete privacy that is augmented by the gorgeous ocean views. From Kanye West to Jonah Hill, Malibu houses big names in the film and music industry.

With expansive multi-million dollar mansions up for grabs, it offers a great secluded locality, lots of outdoor space, and warm and pleasant weather. It is to be noted that big names such as Julia Roberts, Chris Martin and his long-time girlfriend Dakota Johnson, and the inimitable Paris Hilton. Malibu is also home to other celebrated personalities such as Courteney Cox, Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr., and the vivacious Leonardo DiCaprio. And any one of these celebrities could be the new neighbours of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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