Prince William and Harry's relationship may be over, expert claims: 'There is no way back for the brothers'

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From being the best of friends as children, to having no relationship with each other now, the brothers have drifted apart, and here's how we know.

The growing tension between Prince William and Prince Harry isn’t something that has gone unnoticed. With each passing day, the Mountbatten-Windsor brothers are growing away from each other. This is an episode of Family Feud (without the fun and games) that no one saw coming, given how close the brothers were while growing up.

From the release of Harry’s autobiography, the bad blood has been building between the brothers, since Harry wrote about violent altercations and unfair treatment he experienced with William. Even today, the brothers aren’t looking eye to eye. They don’t need to literally, given that they live halfway across the world from each other, but the drift is that they are no longer on good terms. And as per experts, their relationship is beyond repair, and here’s why.

The seemingly broken bond

The dynamics between the royal brothers have been plummeting over the years. But, it might seem like it is beyond repair at this point. We know this because of various reasons. Prince William recently made a trip to the U.S. for the Earth Shot award but did not touch base with his brother while visiting the country he resides in. But, to be fair, Prince William had to go to New York, while Prince Harry resides all the way in California.

But this isn’t the only reason people believe that their relationship has gone completely south. This big move (of the lack of) by William seals the deal on the bad blood.

Prince Harry’s wishes

Prince Harry recently celebrated his 39th birthday in Dusseldorf with his wife, as he took part in the Invictus Games event that he founded. During his big day, there was radio silence from William. This move by the Duke of Cambridge comes as no shocker given the deteriorating relationship the world has been observing between the brothers. As per The Express, Prince William has no interest in reconciling with his younger brother, as he failed to wish him a happy birthday publicly.

The royal expert and journalist Jennie Bond predicted William was ‘so deeply hurt’ by Harry that he wouldn’t send his wishes even privately. Jennie Bond told The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine the following about the present equation between the brothers.

“There is no way back for the brothers. I just can’t see it. Because of these entrenched positions and the fact Harry has visited the UK without either of them, as far as we know, lifting a finger to phone or text or meet up, I really can’t see them mending the rift any time soon.”

She also said:

“William is hurt so deeply that I think he probably just blanks Harry out of his mind most of the time. He has moved on with his life, and I guess so has Harry.”

Prince Harry’s birthday celebration

While this family feud has been ongoing, showing its ugly face to the public every now and then, it didn’t stop Prince Harry from living it up on his big day. The Duke of Sussex had a whale of a time in Germany at a brewery bar with his Invictus Games team. With beer, bratwurst, and a decadent white chocolate cake. As per Daily Mail, the young royal also indulged in dishes such as wiener schnitzel, pork knuckle, sausage, roast, and mashed potatoes.

Prince Harry also had a public celebration at the Invictus Games, wherein the announcer invited him and said the following publicly.

“Is there anybody here celebrating their own special occasion today? Anyone's birthday? Oh, I think it is someone's birthday. A certain Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is 39 today. Happy birthday! Let's sing along.”

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