Prince Harry and Meghan could be house hunting once again, report suggests

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As Prince Harry and Meghan continue their house hunt, there is a rising tension around them, here's why that is.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a ton of speculation always floating around them. From divorce rumors and strained relationships to finding a home, the media always seems to have juicy bits of info involving the royal couple.

Amidst all the ‘house hunting’ news and speculation that the world has seen in the last few months about the couple, the searching process is currently said to be still ongoing. Yes, Harry and Meghan have been at it, walking in and out of open houses to find the right abode for their little family. Here’s the status of their house hunting at the moment.

The house-hunting saga continues

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are looking for their perfect abode in Malibu, amidst the Santa Monica region of LA. Like many A-listers of Hollywood, Malibu is always a preferred choice when it comes to a beach location for a relaxing life, right next to Hollywood.

Meghan and Harry currently have their eyes on a $8 million property situated in the heart of Malibu. The expansive property seems to have it all, to raise their two children, Archie and Lilibet, and be closer to the hub of Hollywood. Here are all the details of the home they have their eyes on.

The $8 million home

Harry and Meghan have their eyes on a 6-acre estate that had the foundation laid out for a 10000 square-foot mansion, that will serve as the main residence. So the royals will have to build a home from scratch that suit their taste and styles. They’re also said to be ready to move out of their Montecito home in the near future.

There is also tons of space and provisions for various outhouses, be it a pool house, guest house, or staff quarters. As per The Mirror, TMZ sources have allegedly claimed that a guard house, pool, seating terrace, and a fire pit have reportedly already been built on the land. With a provision for a long driveway leading to the home, the property offers the utmost privacy to its occupants.

The construction and furnishing of the home are speculated to cost the Sussexes about $10 million. The plans for the house are approved and construction is said to be underway.

But, millions or not, the royal couple will be surrounded by big names in Hollywood. From the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio to Paris Hilton, Harry and Meghan could have some high-profile neighbors in the future. But, rumors have it that all their neighbors aren’t too thrilled by the prospect of having the royals live next to them. In fact, some neighbors already have some issues brewing with the Sussexes. Here’s what is happening.

The unhappy neighbors

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are slowly locking in on this piece of prime real estate, people living around the property aren’t too happy. The property sits above PCH and offers a view of the spectacular Broad Beach. Amidst all this, it is said that the neighbors around the property are growing increasingly frustrated at even the sight and prospect of their new potential neighbours.

As per The Mirror, the neighbors who are mostly ‘local’ feel that their "mere presence is driving folks wild" with upset. This is said to stem from the big swarms of paparazzi photographers and helicopters sometimes circling overhead. And the neighbors feel like their safety and privacy are compromised given Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s presence. While this is a legitimate concern, given how much the paparazzi is obsessed with the royal couple, not much can be done if the Sussexes decide to buy the property and make it their permanent residence.

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