Victoria Beckham not allowed to choose son Brooklyn and Nicola's wedding venue

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The fashion designer initially wanted her son Brooklyn and Nicola's second wedding celebration to take place in Costwolds, UK, but her plan was soon snubbed by the young couple.

Victoria Beckham was 'overrules' by her in-laws when she suggested having eldest son Brooklyn Beckham’s second wedding celebration in the UK, reports the Mirror.

Victoria wanted Brooklyn's wedding celebration in the UK

According to reports, the former Spice Girl intended to host a second wedding in the Cotswolds to celebrate the union of her son and billionaire heiress Nicola Peltz. Previously in April, Brooklyn and the Bates Motel actress walked down the aisle at a £3 million Miami oceanfront mansion, with his family traveling to the US to spend time at the Peltz family’s extravagant property.

Victoria Beckham not allowed to choose son Brooklyn and Nicola's wedding venue Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

The 48 fashion designer was planning on another celebratory party in Brooklyn’s home country, the UK after a luxury bash in Florida. Unfortunately, before Victoria's plan could come to reality, her relationship with Nicola took a turn for the worse. According to Express, the Bates Motel actress was upset when the Beckham family take full responsibility for the wedding arrangements.

Since the couple's wedding, it has been reported that there is a feud between Nicola and her mother-in-law, Victoria, which also fuels rumors about Brooklyn being more distant from his famous mother. The tension becomes clearer to the eyes of the public when Brooklyn and his actress wife did not call into the family home when they went on honeymoon around Europe.

Victoria Beckham not allowed to choose son Brooklyn and Nicola's wedding venue Dominique Charriau

MailOnline claims that Victoria wanted to celebrate the newlyweds in both the US and the UK:

‘The Beckhams were interested in having weddings on both sides of the Atlantic, with a celebration at their house in the Cotswolds as they did for Brooklyn's 21st plus one in America.'

They added that Nicola's family only intended to have 'one traditional wedding' at Florida:

‘The Peltzes, as is traditional, wanted to have just one wedding at their immense house in Florida, complete with its own jetty and beach. Claudia Heffner Peltz, a titanium socialite, and former top model, firmly took charge, and made a number of decisions, including that there would just be one wedding.’

Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz' continuous drama

David and Victoria Beckham are worried that Brooklyn has grown further distant from them as the rumored feud with Nicola intensifies, obtained from close friends of the Beckhams.

‘Vic says Nicola is not the charming girl she once knew,’ an insider revealed to HEAT Magazine. That source also claimed that Nicola is rising to superstardom completely thanks to her relationship with Brooklyn.

‘Nicola wasn't really famous before she met Brooklyn. Sure, she was rich, but she was an actress with a few small movies to her name. Since she married Brooklyn, her profile has sky-rocketed.’

The 'cold war' was traced back to April’s wedding when it was reported that Nicola, instead of wearing the dress that her mother-in-law had designed, chose Valentino ones for her celebration day. The tensions were deepen when Nicola stormed out of her reception over Victoria ‘stealing’ her first dance song which was originally planned for the newlyweds. The mother-of-four is said to attempt to reconcile her relationship with Nicola by inviting the couple to attend her Paris Fashion Week at the end of the month. However, there is so far no confirmation that the duo would show up at the show. Victoria is said to be 'distraught and fearful' of the prospect that her fallout with Nicola could affect her bond with Brooklyn.

Victoria Beckham not allowed to choose son Brooklyn and Nicola's wedding venue Samir Hussein

It is rumored that David Beckham and Posh Spice are ‘worried’ that their son is going to be hurt by Nicola since they are convinced that Brooklyn has made a lot of sacrifices for his wife but are unsure about what happens in return. The insider claimed, ‘They feel that the relationship is unbalanced.’

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