Adele: Who is the singer's boyfriend and what does he do?

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Read to find out all about Adele's new relationship.

After the release of the album 30 last year, Adele has once again entered the lives of those who revere her as a singer. The release came around the same time her divorce from ex-husband, Simon Konecki was finalized, and the album gave hints about her new relationship.

Who is Adele's new boyfriend, how did they meet and what is the couple planning for the future?

Adele: Who is the singer's boyfriend and what does he do? Allen J Schaben

Marking the end

According to The Mirror, Adele and Simon were pictured together for the first time in Florida, America, as they were seen on an airboat ride together in 2011. That same year, they began dating, although the exact details of how the couple met are unclear.

The Mirror further reports that there was confusion about when the couple got married, as the singer had referred to him as 'husband' in award speeches and it became generally accepted that the couple had gotten married that year. However, Adele clarified that they only got married in 2018.

After 8 years of dating and one year of being married, Adele's representatives revealed in 2019 that she and her husband had split up, and two years later in 2021, their divorce was finalized. An exact reason wasn't given for the split, but Adele noted that they are still committed to raising their 7-year-old son, Angelo, together.

A source brought forth by Cosmopolitan noted:

They were into the marriage pretty much until they decided this just isn’t working anymore.

Speaking to People Magazine, another source noted:

I just can’t see her divorce getting messy because she’s so careful when it comes to her son. She’s always five steps ahead in terms of how a decision will affect him.
Adele: Who is the singer's boyfriend and what does he do? Kavin Mazur

New boyfriend

Adele is known for being a private person, and not much is known about her relationship with her new boyfriend, Rich Paul. She dropped hints about him in the album 30, but thus far the couple has kept themselves out of the limelight.

According to The Mirror, Rich is a sports agent from America and is the founder of the sports agency Klutch Sports Group that's based in Ohio. The Agency has signed multiple big names from the NBA, such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, John Wall, and Ben Simmons.

The couple was first spotted during the NBA finals in 2021, and in October they were once again spotted cuddled up at another game, which is 7 months after her divorce from Simon was finalized. A month before that, Adele posted a picture with Rich on Instagram with an added heart emoji, which essentially made them Instagram official, reports The Mirror.

Adele: Who is the singer's boyfriend and what does he do? Kevin Mazur

The new couple's future plans

Earlier this year, Adele's attendance at the Brit Awards sparked a lot of rumors of an engagement as she was seen wearing a stunning diamond ring that was estimated to be worth over £800,000, reports Page Six. Experts weighed in on the ring and noted that it's estimated to be a 10 carats stone.

On the Graham Norton Show, Adele made an appearance and she was still seen to be wearing the ring, which prompted a question from the host on whether she was engaged. Keeping it mysterious, she said 'If I was, would I ever tell anyone if I was or wasn’t?'

Adele: Who is the singer's boyfriend and what does he do? Kevin Mazur

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