Natalie Portman's marriage could be in trouble, here's what's happening

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Looks like Natalie Portman's marriage is steering towards a not so happily ever after, and here's the reason why.

Natalie Portman has given some stellar performances that have stuck with her fans. The Israeli-born actress has been a fan favorite since her teenage years and has found her way into her audience’s heart over the years.

While everyone is rooting for Natalie, be it professionally or personally, lately, things don’t seem to be exactly going her way. Professionally, the 41-year-old actor is doing well, given that she is the new Thor, in the Marvel franchise. But, people can’t help but notice her personal life taking a bad turn. Her marriage has seemed to have taken a downfall, given a lot of allegations against her husband that involve infidelity. Here’s what is allegedly happening in Natalie Portman’s personal life, and how the public got a glimpse into her distress.

Natalie Portman’s marriage

Natalie Portman shocked the world with her marriage to French dancer and choreographer Benjamin Millepied in 2012. The two of them were dating since 2009, wherein they met on the set of her iconic film The Black Swan. The then-happy couple went on to have two children.

But like many marriages, this one too has its bumpy roads. And fans of the V for Vendetta actor have noticed some public moments wherein Portman expressed her unhappiness in her marriage. Here’s what is rumored to have happened.

The alleged affair

It came to light recently that Millepied allegedly had an affair with a 25-year-old climate activist, Camille Étienne. There were several reports on this alleged affair, and recently the couple made their first public appearance since this controversy came to light. As per The Mirror, things have been rocky for the couple since November, which they were trying to work through, but this affair seems to have done some irreparable damage. Before the news of the alleged affair broke out, Portman and Millepied were seen together trying to work it out, at various public events, and even engaging in some harmless PDA. But, the happiness seemed short-lived.

Soon after the news of this rumored affair came out, Natalie was seen out and about, but without Benjamin. The couple was recently spotted unhappily together in a park, wherein the following things took place.

The public display of unhappiness

Seated in casual clothing in a public park, Portman and Millepied seemed to have been caught in a heated and tense exchange. It was said to have been Benjamin’s birthday outing on that day. But no birthday could save the day from sorrow, as the public got a glimpse of what seemed like a disagreement between the couple.

Things were visibly dismal from the moment the couple set foot in the park. This was followed by a heated discussion. Natalie Portman even seemed to wipe off a tear while having this conversation with her husband. The conversation and atmosphere seemed visibly distressing for Portman. As per Page Six, Benjamin Millepied was fighting to save his marriage to his wife, and they have not split up, and are trying to work things out.

At one point, Portman is seen with her head hanging down against Millepied and is obviously distraught. Page Six quoted an unknown source, who allegedly said:

“Ben is doing everything he can to get Natalie to forgive him. He loves her and their family. And Portman is “incredibly private” and her biggest focus right now is protecting the kids.”

While all this has been happening, there have been no official comments or words from either Natalie Portman, Benjamin Millepied, or his alleged lover, Camille Étienne. And there is no news on where the couple stands in terms of if and how they want to take their relationship forward.

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