Gary Lineker's relationship with ex-wife is still strong 7 years after divorce

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The BBC commentator and his wife split almost a decade ago but still maintained an incredible bond thanks to this reason.

Gary Lineker, a former footballer and sports presenter, has enjoyed an illustrious career in the world of football. Known for his incredible goal-scoring abilities and exemplary sportsmanship, Gary became a household name during his time as a prolific striker. From playing for top clubs like Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona, and Tottenham Hotspur to representing the English national team, he left an indelible mark on the sport. After hanging up his boots, Gary seamlessly transitioned into sports broadcasting, becoming the familiar face of Match of the Day.

Gary Lineker's relationship with ex-wife is still strong 7 years after divorce Karwai Tang

Aside from his illustrious career, Gary is equally known for his complicated love life, which includes an unusual living arrangement with ex-wife Danielle Bux.

A strange post-divorce relationship

Gary Lineker and Danielle Bux's marriage, spanning from 2009 to 2016, was a prominent feature of media attention during their time together. Despite their decision to part ways, they have defied the norm of strained post-divorce relationships. Rather than harboring animosity, the former couple maintained a strong and friendly bond.

Recently, they were spotted vacationing together in Ibiza, exuding warmth and happiness in each other's company. Accompanied by Danielle's daughters from a previous relationship, Ella and Romy, they portrayed a united and loving family.

Danielle looked stunning in a burgundy bikini that accentuated her well-toned physique as she reveled in the warm rays. Meanwhile, Gary opted for a coordinated outfit, wearing a matching colored t-shirt and stone-colored shorts, as they relaxed on sun loungers. Danielle's youngest daughter, Romy, who she shares with her husband, American lawyer Nate Greenwald, also seemed to be having a great time, captured in a cheerful moment shared on Danielle's Instagram.

Gary Lineker's relationship with ex-wife is still strong 7 years after divorce MEGA

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: 'They looked so relaxed in each other's company. They have rewritten the rulebook on how a divorced couple can get on. They clearly still get on well.'

Their post-divorce relationship has been characterized by mutual respect and genuine affection. Gary openly praised Danielle, expressing the continued communication and close ties they share. He revealed: 'We still speak three times a day, we text all the time.'

Why did Gary and Danielle split?

Gary Lineker elaborated on the reasons behind their decision to part ways, sharing that their split primarily stemmed from different desires regarding starting a family. With Gary already having four sons from his previous marriage, Danielle 'felt an urge' to have more children. He said:

'It was purely down to children. She already had a daughter, I had four boys, [but] then her body clock started ticking and she had the urge.'
Gary Lineker's relationship with ex-wife is still strong 7 years after divorce David M. Benett

Instead of arguing, the couple chose not to let their differing aspirations create conflict but instead arrived at a logical and sensible resolution. They opted to remain friends and support each other's individual paths to happiness. Speaking on Gabby Logan's The Mid-Point podcast, the former Tottenham striker explained:

'In the end, we decided to stay mates and see if she can find someone that really does want another child. That happened and he is a really good friend of mine now. I know it's unusual, but it's a lot better than falling out.'

Dad-of-four Gary added that they 'don't argue anymore' after the sensible decision to split:

'Ultimately, she didn’t want for me to do something that I didn’t really want deep down, and I didn’t want to stop her from doing something that she really wanted deep down. We just came to a logical, sensible relationship and it has worked, it's great. We don't argue anymore either.'

As per The Mirror, Danielle went on to marry Nate Greenwald, an American lawyer, and together they have a daughter named Ella. Gary's son, George, has publicly defended Danielle and their relationship, showcasing the strength of their blended family.

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