Princess Charlene has officially deleted her Instagram, here's why

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From being active on social media, to deleting it altogether, Princess Charlene says she exit Instagram for the sake of her family. Here's why.

Former professional Olympic swimmer and Princess consort of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock is a favorite when it comes to the media. The now-princess met her beau, Prince Albert of Monaco, at a swimming meet, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Princess Charlene has been under a lot of media scrutiny lately given her sudden exit from social media and brewing rumors about her marriage. The Princess Consort of Monaco has finally addressed these grapevine talks about her and gave fans an explanation as to why she bid farewell to Instagram.

The speculation surrounding Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene isn’t one to give a peek at her private life. But, in a recent interview with the South African news outlet, News24, she addressed a lot of ongoing speculations relating to herself. The Monaco-based royal was an active member of Instagram, with a whole community of followers who idol-worshipped the former swimmer. But she made a sudden exit from the platform, resulting in people speculating that her relationship was in turmoil.

The reason behind the Instagram exit

The princess squashed these rumors by stating that the reason she left social media had nothing to do with her marriage. She said she did it to protect the privacy of her children, as they’re getting older. Charlene shares twins Princess Gabrielle and Prince Jacques (aged 8 years old) with Prince Albert. She said that she wants to keep her children away from the pressure that comes with a very public life. And she is also grateful that the kids will always have each other. Charlene said the following about social media and her kids’ equation with it.

‘I’m now at a stage where I want to protect the twins’ privacy. I don’t need to be part of the Instagram world anymore.

Princess Charlene addresses her marriage

The status of the marriage between the royals was under severe scrutiny, with rumors of separation and unhappiness. To add to this, it was reported that Charlene was living in Switzerland, thus stirring up more talk from the public. Charlene addressed this by saying that she had no clue where this rumor even popped up from. Despite having no elements of truth in them, she finds these rumors exhausting. As per Tatler, she said the following.

“There’s nothing wrong with our marriage, and I find the rumors to be draining and exhausting. I simply cannot understand where they come from. It feels to me like certain media or people want to see us split. There’s nothing wrong with our marriage, and I find the rumors to be draining and exhausting. I simply cannot understand where they come from. It feels to me like certain media or people want to see us split.”

Prince Albert’s take on the marriage

The media has been reporting news that is indicating that things aren’t well between Albert and Charlene. From fewer public appearances together to seeing each other by appointment, there were a lot of newsworthy stories making their rounds on the internet.

But, the couple have maintained the same narrative as they always have regarding their marriage. And that is, the fact that it is healthy. And they have also made public appearances lately, giving no room for speculation. Prince Albert recently opened up to an Italian publication called Corriere della Sera, addressing the rumors around his marriage and said the following.

“Charlene is always by my side and supports me in leading the principality. We are a working couple and sometimes that only allows us to see each other at the end of a long day full of appointments.”

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