Jack Grealish warned that his 'party boy' image could have serious consequences

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Jack Grealish has been deemed the 'party boy' of Manchester City, and here's what he has to say about it.

Manchester City star footballer, Jack Grealish has been making headlines for various reasons. The 27-year-old attacking midfielder cum winger for Manchester City and England’s national team is quite the party animal. Here’s the complete information on Jack Grealish’s life off the field, and on the dance floor, how the public is reacting to it, and what he has to say about it.

A look at Jack Grealish and his ‘other’ life

Grealish has been at the center of media attention for his party-boy image that followed his first major victory as a footballer. After Manchester City won the last Premier League, all eyes have been on Grealish as he took his victory and celebration to a whole new level. Jack Grealish who is deemed as one of the best wingers globally, is facing a lot of backlash, as he celebrated his winning of the continental treble.

The tabloids have been quick to point out that his antics off the field are something that they don’t approve of. And this is based on previous instances when his partying didn’t sit well with the public, here’s why.

The party-boy image

The ‘most expensive English player’, was spotted partying at the trophy parade, enjoying himself. Soon after that, he flew off to Ibiza and Vegas with his friends to just enjoy the summer. And this has brought in a ton of flak because people did not approve of him partying off-season.

This wasn’t the first time Grealish has been vocal about his love for partying hard. As per The Mirror, Grealish has a history now that goes back to photos of him ­collapsed on a street in Marbella. This obviously doesn’t look good for the young footballer, who is said to be a typical Gen-Z kid.

Grealish addresses the criticism

With so much criticism thrown at him for his partying, over the years, Grealish finally broke the silence and addressed it, by talking about his side of things. In conversation with The Sun, Grealish said the following:

“Obviously I'm enjoying myself. I went to Ibiza after we won the league, and then I went to Vegas after my England trip.”
“Then apart from that, I was away with my girlfriend, working hard and trying to get back training. I was getting a lot of stick off the lads for posting too many training photos on my Instagram. I think it's just one of them: when I do something, partying or whatever, it's going to get picked up on more than others. I've seen a lot of people in Ibiza and Vegas, but they didn't get nowhere near what I got.”
“Others will get it I suppose – Erling Haaland, Kalvin Phillips. It’s part and parcel of playing for a massive club. But you’ve got to keep smiling, haven’t you?”

The public’s approach to Jack’s celebrations

As per The Mirror’s columnist Stan Collymore’s opinion piece, he said that Jack did nothing that Collymore wouldn’t have done himself while celebrating such a huge victory. But there is a time and place for this kind of celebration, and it’s certainly not a few days before an international get-together.

He added that a better approach to Jack’s celebration would have been to celebrate one night and wait for a couple of days before jetting off overseas. This is so that Jack can maintain a good image even in front of his squad and the public. And given Grealish’s history and the fact that these ‘tags’ stick around for good, it is best not to be deemed as a ‘party boy’ or a similar tag.

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