Tony Bellew revealed to have broken a rule while on I'm A Celeb

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New shocking revelations have come out about the I'm a Celeb cast, and this time it is about how Tony Bellew broke a major jungle rule.

I’m a Celeb has been stirring up a storm ever since its finale aired recently. With so many juicy inside stories coming up with every passing day, about the situation during the course of filming I’m a Celeb, the internet is filled with new information.

Now, most, recently, it was revealed that Tony Bellew has broken one important jungle rule during the show, which shouldn’t have been broken. Here’s what happened.

Tony Bellew’s rule break

Made in Chelsea, star Sam Thompson emerged as the winner, despite facing some major health battles. Sam, ultimately beat Tom Bellow and Nigel Farage, who was criticized by Piers Morgan publicly in the finale of the show.

Danielle Harold most recently, spoke up about how Tony Bellew broke a major jungle rule, as she delved into her jungle experience on Loose Women. Being the fifth person to leave the jungle, Danielle spilled some major secrets about the show, exposing Tony Bellew, by saying that he stole the stopwatch while at their time in the jungle. This is what she said.

Danielle exposes Tony Bellew

In conversation with the Loose Women panelists Coleen Nolan, Charlene White, Myleene Klass, and Jane Moore, Danielle said the following about Tony’s rule break.

“Tony actually nicked a stopwatch from when we were doing the Games.”

The Loose Women panelists were quite shocked to hear this. And Danielle even added some juicy bits of information about this major rule break by Tony. She said that Tony went on to cover his tracks by telling her she just had to be a “human sundial” in order to tell the time, as per Entertainment Daily. Danielle also said the following.

“I’m like ‘What time is it?’ And he’s like ‘Quarter past seven’ and I’m like ‘How do you know that?!’ Because I didn’t know about the stopwatch.”

Other secrets exposed

Tony Bellew breaking the rules isn't the only secret that was exposed after the show aired. Danielle Harold herself was under some immense stress during the beginning part of the show. A source close to Danielle recently revealed that the EastEnders actor was fighting a major infection during her time in the jungle. And was visiting the camp doctor often to keep the infection under control.

This wasn’t the only issue in the jungle, as Sam Thompson is said to have been under severe mental distress. This is what happened.

Sam’s mental distress

The winner of the series Sam Thompson has also expressed his internal turmoil during the show, wherein he wanted to quit. He revealed the following on his podcast ‘Staying Relevant’.

“So on the first day when we go in, I had a panic attack. And I went in really guns blazing, I was so excited. And then suddenly it hit me what we were doing. I literally sat on my bed and went ‘oh my god.”

Sam, who was trying his best to cope with his mental health at the time, said the following about what he wanted to do at that time.

“My heart was going really quick. I was sweating and I really wanted to be sick. And I went ‘I’m either really ill and I’m going to have to see the medic day one, and I’m going to be like you might have to pull me out.”

He described it as an overwhelming experience to even be in the jungle. And how he couldn’t help but be quiet during his first day there. He was also in awe of his fellow contestants, and described them as ‘very nice’, given that they were very concerned as to why he was being so quiet.

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