After Matt Hancock, I'm A Celeb targets this huge politician and it's not Liz Truss

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I'm a Celeb wants to bag this big politician to join the next season, but will it actually happen?

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, has seen so many big names and celebrities appearing on it, over the years. The British reality show has featured Katie Price, Peter Andre, Helen Flanagan, and Caitlin Jenner. But, this time around, it is rumored that a certain high-profile British politician is appealing to the bosses at ITV, to get a chance to appear on the reality show.

While, there is so much speculation already floating around regarding this piece of juicy news, fans are waiting to see this mystery politician already. We won’t keep you guessing anymore. Here’s all the scoop on this politician who allegedly wants his chance at television fame.

Boris Johnson’s appeal to the bosses

Yes, you read that right. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks like he wants to experience fame all over again. As per The Independent, there are reports that indicate that Johnson held talks with the ITV bosses on appearing on I’m a Celebrity. According to The Independent, Boris Johnson would follow his ousted Covid-era health secretary Matt Hancock in braving a stint in the jungle.

I’m a Celebrity is all about roughing it out in a jungle, and adapt to the ways of the wild, and emerging a winner. The show has been extremely popular in the UK, as people love to see popular faces deal with the extremities of the jungle.

Boris Johnson tries to cash in

Boris Johnson is synonymous with making money. He is known for taking massive amounts of money as speaking fees. And as the world already knows, he has a lot of speaking gigs always lined up and it is rumored that he makes £21000 an hour on the speaking circuit that he is a part of.

A similar move was made by former Cabinet Minister Matt Hancock, who served as a Health Secretary under Boris Johnson. Matt who appeared on last year’s season of I’m a Celebrity came in third place when the show ended.

But, rumor has it, that Boris Johnson wants to appear on the reality show to capitalize on his worth and branch out his work outside gigs relating to politics. This shift from politics to media isn’t new to the Johnson family. In fact, his family has a trend of making such a move. And here’s why this is.

Boris Johnson’s family trend

Anyone who knows the Johnson family already knows that Boris’s father made a similar move once. Stanly, his father, pulled a similar move back in 2017, when he appeared on the ITV hit alongside Georgia Toffolo and Jennie McAlpine. And if the rumor is true, the team at ITV approached Boris Johnson many weeks prior to this, hoping to collaborate with him on the show. But it is said that he declined this proposal that was laid out to him.

Despite all the speculation floating around regarding Boris Johnson's appearance on the reality series, a spokesman for him denied all possibilities by saying the following:

“Boris is not doing this programme and is not in talks to do so."

So based on this statement, it looks like Boris Johnson isn’t following in the footsteps of his father by appearing in the long-running reality series, that is aired on ITV. But, so far, Boris Johnson himself has not denied the rumors personally. So fans of the ITV show are still hoping that he will change his mind, and accept the proposal laid out to him by the ITV bosses. Only time will tell, if Johnson will be roughing it out in the jungle, for the world to see.

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