Gemma Collins is moving out of £1.3M Essex home, here's where she's going

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The former The Only Way Is Essex star is looking for a new home as she admitted she has 'outgrown' her hometown and called it 'toxic'.

When it comes to making headlines and capturing the public's attention, Gemma Collins certainly knows how to do it. The former Towie star has once again sparked interest as she prepares to bid farewell to her £1.3 million Essex abode and embark on a new adventure. With her eyes set on a change of scenery, Gemma is ready to leave behind the town where her career began and explore new horizons.

Gemma Collins is moving out of £1.3M Essex home, here's where she's going David M. Benett

A new future awaits Gemma

Gemma Collins, a household name in the entertainment industry, has voiced her sentiment of outgrowing Essex, the place that played a significant role in her rise to fame. Citing the town as 'toxic,' Gemma is seeking a fresh start in a location before she ties the knot with Rami Hawash. Knightsbridge, one of London's most upscale areas, has captured Gemma's attention. Known for its luxurious ambiance and high-end shopping district, Knightsbridge seems like the perfect destination to embark on her next chapter.

What makes Knightsbridge such an irresistible choice for Gemma Collins? According to The Mail, the answer lies in her love for the vibrant energy and world-class shopping experiences the area offers. Harrods, the iconic department store, holds a special place in Gemma's heart, often finding her browsing its luxurious halls.

Gemma Collins is moving out of £1.3M Essex home, here's where she's going Karwai Tang

In addition, the presence of her favorite candle shop, Diptyque, adds to the allure of Knightsbridge. Gemma envisions herself enjoying the convenience of having these gems at her doorstep and being part of the exciting atmosphere the area exudes. She expressed her excitement for the countryside landscape of the area:

'I’m loving country life in the summer. Listen, there will always be a bit of Knightsbridge fever in me. I just love being in London. I wouldn’t mind a pied-à-terre – Cadogan Gardens here I come!'

As Gemma Collins looks forward to the next phase of her life, she has a vision for her future home beyond the glitz and glamour. Hosting mum and baby groups is one of her aspirations, but Gemma, true to her unique style, desires to do so in the most fashionable and exclusive manner. With a touch of humor, she mentions her preference for Knightsbridge.

She told The Sun she is also considering moving to Surrey:

'I've totally outgrown Essex. It's toxic. I really like it in Surrey, Sam Faiers lives there. I do love Wales and I would consider living there.'

Gemma Collins' fight with depression

Gemma Collins has come a long way since her debut on the hit TV show The Only Way Is Essex in 2011. The show propelled her to stardom, opening doors to various opportunities and paving the way for her million-pound fortune, reports The Sun. After departing from the show, Gemma Collins has built a substantial online presence with a staggering following of 2.2 million on Instagram. Through her entrepreneurial endeavors, television appearances, and brand partnerships, she has achieved remarkable financial success, amassing millions in earnings.

Gemma Collins is moving out of £1.3M Essex home, here's where she's going Karwai Tang

Additionally, her own show, aptly titled The Gemma Collins Show, has been a significant part of her rise to stardom and has contributed to her ongoing success. It offers viewers an intimate look into Gemma's life, allowing them to witness her ups and downs, triumphs and challenges.

However, along with the success, Gemma opened up that she battled depression at 'various' times in her life but that tablets left her feeling 'numb'. For the moment, doing the garden is how Gemma clears her mind off the daily hustle and bustle of life:

'I’ve got all my feelings again and I felt that my judgement was quite clouded. I didn’t feel like I could see dodgy people around me.'

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