Holly Willoughby may not return to This Morning, here's why

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From facing a lot of backlash over the Phillip Schofield scandal, to facing personal losses, Holly Willoughby is taking a break from television.

Holly Willoughby is a famous British TV presenter, model, and author who has worked her way up to become one of the most recognised faces in the English television world. From The Voice UK to I’m a Celebrity and Dancing on Ice, she has been a vital part of many reality television shows.

She is most famous for her work with the iconic show ‘This Morning’. Holly has been a part of the legendary show which showcases news, interviews, sports, and so many other interesting segments since 2009. But, recent news has it that she may not return to the show. Here’s why.

Holly Willoughby’s doubt about returning to This Morning

Holly Willoughby took a summer break from This Morning and recently dropped hints about her doubt when it comes to her return to the show. On the 6th of July, she abruptly left the show, without a goodbye to her audiences. And ever since then, there have been rumours floating around that the star may not return to the show.

While Holly always takes a break from the show during summers, she usually gives a heads-up to her viewers and signs off formally while taking a break. But this time around, she didn’t do that.

Fans fear that Holly may not return to This Morning

Holly has indeed had a testing couple of months in the past year, and fans feel that she might need some time before stepping into the limelight again. From her alleged rift with Phillip Schofield after his controversy, to death in her family, things haven’t been going her way lately. Holly lost her mother-in-law Sandra recently, which is said to have taken a toll on her. Fans of the model are speculating that she might not have any plans to return and the fact that she took the summer off without as much as a sign-off seems peculiar. As per Entertainment UK, a viewer even said:

"She appreciates her family more than ever right now and she’s planning to take the summer to be a full-time mum. The last couple of months have been really stressful and it’s highlighted for her the importance of family. She will be thinking about the future and making sure her family is her priority.”

The source also said the following about Holly’s way forward in her illustrious career:

“Holly has been left exhausted by everything that has happened and her quick exit without saying goodbye is very telling and could be her way of bowing out quietly. She’s open to future TV presenting opportunities, but she’s equally aware that no on-screen work will ever compare to This Morning in its heyday.”

But, the speculations have finally found a conclusion as it has recently been confirmed that Holly is returning to This Morning, but with a twist. And here’s what it is.

Holly’s return to This Morning

With Holly facing a ton of backlash following the Phillip Schofield scandal, she has proved that she isn’t ready to quit just yet. It was recently announced that Holly will be returning to the ITV show but with a change in format. The show will feature a ‘rotation of hosts’, as per Edinburgh News, and she is signing a brand new lucrative deal with ITV which is allegedly going to ‘save the show’. So fans can relax, given that Holly isn’t calling quits on her 14-year-old career.

Despite falling out with her co-star, and all the turbulence life threw at her over the past year, she is said to be back. As per Huff Post, the rotation of the new co-hosts will reportedly include the stars who have been presenting alongside Holly since Phil’s exit: Josie Gibson, Craig Doyle, Alison Hammond, and Dermot O’Leary.

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