This woman became a widow one hour after getting married to the love of her life

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From being a new blushing bride, to a widow in the matter of minutes, Johnnie Mae's tragic story reminds everyone to watch out for their health.

Wedding days are usually the happiest days for the bride, groom, and their families. But sometimes, every now and then, tragedy strikes upon the wedding party, and it turns out to be the worst day of their lives.

This is one such story where the wedding party was turned upside down with an unexpected death. Here’s the story of Toraze and Johnnie Mae Davis and how tragedy struck on their wedding day.

The unfortunate wedding tragedy

The bride, Johnnie Mae Davis, became a widow in a matter of an hour after saying her vows. The couple that said ‘I Do’ in the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Omaha saw the sudden demise of the groom, Toraze, which happened within a matter of seconds.

The wedding guests, which included the couple’s friends, family, and children, were absolutely shocked at the sudden turn of events. And it is said that Toraze’s heart stopped suddenly, and here is what happened.

The groom’s tragic death

The reason for death is said to be a fatal blood clot. The groom’s heart allegedly suddenly stopped working. And according to People Magazine, a friend who was present said this about the events that took place:

“Toraze suffered from a medical event that was not survivable…in a second. It happened within seconds.”
“She's been widowed and married in a 10-minute span. She's going to need lawn services. She's going to need snow removal when the winter comes,” Roberson said. “Johnnie Mae has suffered through so much and she's just such a loving person”

Close friends of the bride and groom have set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ for Johnnie Mae to help her out in these trying times.

Johnnie Mae’s support system

Johnnie is someone who is a giver herself. She is, in fact, a director at Eco Supportive Living, which is a charitable organization that helps older people and those with disabilities. Given the kind of selfless and loving person she is, she has helped so many people over the years. And her friends are hoping that she gets back the same kind of support from the community. Her friend also said:

"At ECO Supportive Living, our motto is that we treat our clients like family. Johnnie Mae is a true living example of what that means. Johnny Mae goes above and beyond for the elderly and disabled population that we serve.”

Reasons why a blood clot becomes lethal

Like many other medical emergencies, a blood clot also fails to reveal itself before it's too late, on many occasions. While some small signs and tell-tales might show up, it is essential to be open with doctors about it and address every small issue.

But as many might think, blood clot-related deaths are not very uncommon. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on average, one American dies of a blood clot, every six minutes. This is truly an alarming number, as blood clots completely prevent the flow of blood through the veins.

Also known as pulmonary embolism, blood clots are often fatal, and require immediate medical attention. And contrary to popular belief, it can happen to people of any age group, ethnicity, or gender.

Things to watch out for include - swelling or pain of the arm or leg, which isn’t related to any injury, with redness and/or increased warmth of the skin. Difficulty in breathing, chest pains, and coughs that end up in spitting out blood along with irregular heartbeats are all symptoms to look out for. And it is essential to see a medical professional and get the right treatment before it is too late.

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