Kate Middleton's mother and sister once had an awkward moment in Wimbledon

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The Duchess' mother and sister are also huge tennis fans and regulars at Wimbledon, but an unexpected incident saw the pair entangled in an awkward moment.

The Middleton family, known for their close ties to the world of tennis, has had its fair share of memorable moments at Wimbledon. Carole Middleton, the mother of the Duchess of Cambridge, and Pippa Middleton, Kate's sister, found themselves in an awkward situation during the prestigious tournament.

Kate Middleton's mother and sister once had an awkward moment in Wimbledon Karwai Tang

The Middleton's love for tennis

The Middleton family's involvement in the world of tennis extends beyond their famous daughter, Kate Middleton, who has her own problems as her rift with Prince Harry continues. As per Town And Country, Carole Middleton, the mother of the Duchess of Cambridge, has long been an avid tennis enthusiast and has been spotted attending Wimbledon matches over the years. Her passion for the sport has been passed down to her children, including Kate and Pippa Middleton.

In 2017, Carole and Pippa Middleton faced an unexpected setback when they were banned from sitting in the royal box at Wimbledon. According to The Mirror, they arrived late for the match between Andy Murray and Benoit Paire, resulting in their seats being reassigned to standard seats. The All England Club has strict rules regarding latecomers, preventing them from entering the royal box.

Kate Middleton's mother and sister once had an awkward moment in Wimbledon Karwai Tang

Despite the setback, it didn't affect the enthusiasm of Carole and Pippa Middleton, as they cheered Murray on to reach the quarter-finals that year, winning in straight sets.

However, there have been conflicting accounts regarding the incident. The News International reports that the match started 33 minutes late, suggesting that Carole and Pippa may not have been at fault for their tardiness.

Beautiful friendship with tennis icon

As per The Mirror, Kate Middleton has long been a devoted fan of tennis. As a royal patron of the All England Club, she regularly attends Wimbledon, showcasing her enthusiasm for the sport.

One of the notable friendships that Kate Middleton has cultivated within the tennis world is with Swiss tennis superstar Roger Federer. The Duchess of Cambridge and Federer have developed a warm rapport over the years, with their shared love for the sport acting as a strong foundation for their relationship.

Kate's friendship with Federer has gone beyond casual encounters at Wimbledon. In 2017, Federer attended Pippa Middleton's wedding, highlighting the close bond between the Middleton and Federer families. The Duchess and the tennis icon have been seen engaging in friendly conversations and even playful exchanges during Wimbledon matches.

According to The Daily Star, the Duchess of Cambridge and Roger Federer recently collaborated for a unique training session alongside the Wimbledon Ball Boys and Girls, who hold a crucial role in the renowned tournament.

Roger Federer nearly broke royal protocol

During a recent appearance at Wimbledon, Roger Federer engaged in a gesture that deviated from royal protocol while interacting with Kate Middleton. As he arrived in the Royal Box, Federer briefly touched the Duchess's back, a departure from the general rule that members of the Royal Family should not be touched unless they initiate contact themselves.

Kate Middleton's mother and sister once had an awkward moment in Wimbledon Karwai Tang

Furthermore, Federer appeared to lean in for a cheek kiss, but quickly pulled away, recognizing the breach in protocol. Despite the minor misstep, Kate Middleton handled the situation with grace and smiled at Federer.

Royal fans were quick to point out that the duo have a friendly relationship, with one taking to Twitter to write: 'It’s ok. They are friends personally outside the public. And Federer, isn’t he royalty anyway?'

Another wrote: 'They have been friends for years. They greeted each other like family friends.'

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