Prince Harry has worn this bracelet for 20 years, here's how he got it

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Prince Harry's iconic bracelet is more than just an accessory, it is a reminder of something special that he lost.

We all have that one accessory that we keep going back to, no matter how old we get. It isn’t about the way it looks, or its price, or anything of that sort, but we all have that one special piece that keeps calling out to us, purely because of the memories attached to it. That one piece which has stood the test of time, and evolved with us, makes it all the more special.

This isn’t just the case with commoners, but the crème de la crème of people, the royals as well. Prince Harry has a go-to statement piece that he often adorns - a metal and beaded bracelet. While many believe that it is a statement piece, it holds immense significance in Prince Harry’s life, and his journey from a boy to a man. Here’s what this iconic bracelet means to Harry, and how he got it.

Prince Harry’s favorite accessory

Besides having his arm wrapped around his wife, Meghan, Prince Harry likes to keep another meaningful element of his life close to him. That is his iconic metal bracelet, which he often pairs with beaded bracelets. The Duke of Sussex has been spotted wearing this piece of jewellery almost always, through the years, come rain or shine. While most royals like to keep their diamonds, rubies, and emeralds close, Prince Harry has chosen to keep this meaningful piece of jewelry at arm's length.

The bracelet features a metal band of sorts of a black-brown shade, and circular designs on it. Prince Harry’s style has evolved since his marriage, but this bracelet remains a constant. From wearing it to charities, and casual events, to adorning it at his wedding, Prince Harry has owned this bracelet for over 25 years, and here’s what it signifies.

An homage to Diana

Prince Harry got this special bracelet on one of his earlier trips to Africa, over 25 years ago. It is believed that he laid his hands on this bracelet, way back in 1997, soon after his mother Princess Diana passed away. As per The Express, Prince Harry said the following about this trip to Africa in a previous interview.

"I first came [to Africa] in 1997, straight after my mum died. My dad told my brother and me to pack our bags - we were going to Africa to get away from it all."

Harry was merely 12 years of age when Princess Diana died in a car crash. While it isn’t confirmed, it is safe to assume that this bracelet reminds him of his strength, given that he got it at the same time, he was grieving a monumental loss of his life. And clearly, it holds a very special place in his heart, reminding him of his journey towards growth, and his beloved mother.

The other bracelets

Harry isn’t the only one who owns this special bracelet. Harry, who is an ardent fan of Africa in general, has spent a lot of time there. It is said that he owns an impressive collection of a variety of African bracelets. In fact, his wife Meghan also owns a similar bracelet and has been spotted wearing it many a time in recent years. It is also believed that Prince William has a similar bracelet, although he is almost never seen wearing it.

It is believed that the royal brothers are currently almost estranged, given that they aren’t looking eye to eye on many issues. From accusing Prince William of violent actions to calling William his ‘arch nemesis’, Prince Harry is slowly withdrawing from his brother, and vice versa.

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