Queen Camilla grateful for Piers Morgan's candid take on Meghan

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In a surprising turn of events, Queen Camilla has reportedly expressed gratitude towards controversial TV personality Piers Morgan for his recent remarks about Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Cornwall is said to appreciate Morgan's candidness according to sources close to the Royal Family.

In the ever-evolving dynamics of the British Royal Family, Queen Camilla has found an unlikely ally in the form of outspoken television personality Piers Morgan. Known for his unfiltered opinions, Morgan recently stirred the royal pot with his pointed comments about Meghan Markle. While the public remains divided on Morgan's approach, it seems Queen Camilla has found reason to be grateful.

Expressing appreciation

Sources within the royal circle have hinted that Queen Camilla appreciates Piers Morgan's candid take on Meghan Markle. The controversial TV host, never one to shy away from controversy, referred to Meghan as 'Princess Pinocchio' in a recent segment. While such descriptors often draw criticism, it appears the Queen sees Morgan's remarks in a different light.

Understanding the context

To comprehend the Queen's gratitude, it's essential to delve into the context of Morgan's comments. The reference to "Princess Pinocchio" comes amidst ongoing discussions about the accuracy of Meghan Markle's statements, particularly those made during her high-profile interview with Oprah Winfrey. Morgan's choice of words reflects scepticism surrounding Meghan's narrative, a sentiment that resonates with certain members of the Royal Family.

Queen Camilla grateful for Piers Morgan's candid take on Meghan Chris Jackson

Navigating the royal dynamics

The intricate web of relationships within the Royal Family often involves navigating through a myriad of opinions and allegiances. Queen Camilla, in expressing her gratitude towards Piers Morgan, may be signalling a divergence from the prevailing sentiment within the monarchy. While opinions on Meghan Markle remain polarized, the Queen's acknowledgement of Morgan's perspective adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing royal narrative.

A shift in public discourse

Piers Morgan's influence on public discourse is undeniable, and his remarks often lead to heightened discussions. In this instance, the Queen's appreciation for his commentary suggests a potential shift in the narrative surrounding Meghan Markle. Whether this signifies a broader change in the royal family's stance or is a singular instance remains to be seen.


As the public continues to dissect every word and action within the Royal Family, Queen Camilla's gratitude towards Piers Morgan adds a new dimension to the ongoing conversation. The choice of words, 'Princess Pinocchio' may be provocative, but the underlying sentiment resonates with those sceptical of Meghan Markle's revelations. In the intricate world of royal dynamics, where every statement is carefully weighed, Queen Camilla's acknowledgement raises intriguing questions about the varying perspectives within the monarchy.

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