Celebrity Masterchef's Wynne Evans looks completely different after divorce

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Evans' skills in the kitchen have secured him a place in the Celebrity MasterChef semi-finals, and did you know he made an even more impressive achievement after his divorce?

Wynne Evans, a Welsh opera singer, catapulted from relative obscurity to national recognition as the unforgettable Gio Compario, the face of the Go Compare insurance adverts. Beyond his infamous jingle and outlandish character, Evans made headlines with his standing in the world of opera and his recent foray into the culinary world on Celebrity MasterChef.

Early life and operatic beginnings

Born in Carmarthen, West Wales, Wynne Evans' journey into the world of music began at a young age. After his formal education, he honed his skills at renowned institutions, including the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the National Opera Studio. These formative years laid the foundation for his future success as a professional opera singer.

Celebrity Masterchef's Wynne Evans looks completely different after divorce Ians Forsyth

Evans' operatic career took him across continents and stages. He showcased his talents as a principal at prestigious opera houses, including the Royal Opera House, Welsh National Opera, and Scottish Opera. Reflecting on his opera journey, Evans told Wales Online:

'After music college I sang all over the world. I was principal at Scottish Opera. I was principal at English National Opera, the Royal Opera House, Welsh National Opera, Opera De Leon – all over the world. It was an incredible experience –who doesn't want to be in a different country every three months and singing opera for a living and working with people all over the world?'

The Go Compare Sensation

Despite his operatic achievements, Wynne Evans became a household name for an entirely unexpected reason: the Go Compare adverts. In 2009, he donned an ill-fitting tuxedo and a comic moustache to embody the larger-than-life character Gio Compario. The catchy 'Go compare!' jingle became a cultural phenomenon, and Evans found himself in the spotlight.

Looking back at his life before fame, Evans told The Mirror:

'I had no clue how the adverts would change things. When I did it initially we filmed five and I knew there would be a series of five ads and I thought that would be it and they'd move onto a different campaign... I didn't realise it would last so long.'

Behind the charismatic exterior, Evans faced personal struggles. In 1999, he tied the knot with Tanwen Evans and became a father to two kids, Ismay and Taliesin. Tragically, his marriage ended in 2016, leading to a period of emotional turmoil marked by anxiety and depression. With the loss of both his parents prior to the divorce, he experienced a profound sense of abandonment, triggering thoughts of suicide.

In times of stress and difficulty, food had always offered solace to the tenor, a habit that persisted from his youth. 'Eating became second nature,' he reflected. Following his separation from his former spouse, his weight soared to a peak of 150 kilograms. Finding clothing in his size, which was 5XL, became a challenge, prompting him to seek out specific retailers.

Discussing his psychological well-being, Wynne clarified that due to his public image as the cheerful 'Go Compare' figure, few anticipated his internal struggles with emotions. He told The Mirror 'depression and anxiety is (his) superpowers':

'Depression and anxiety are my superpowers... I had bad anxiety, and I used to get stage fright, and I think it's made me a much better person.'

Motivated to make a change, the father-of-two invested in a Peloton bike and treadmill, incorporating daily running into his routine. Notably, this physical activity not only contributed to his epic five-stone weight loss but also positively impacted his mental well-being. Simultaneously, he undertook a dietary overhaul, making conscious choices such as cutting out cheese, one of his favorite treats, as well as reducing his carbohydrate intake.

From the Stage to the Kitchen: Celebrity MasterChef

The third heats of Celebrity MasterChef began on Friday, August 18th, at 9 pm, and aired on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Evans appeared alongside Rudimental star DJ Locksmith and singer Jamelia. The trio had 75 minutes to cook two courses for judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, as well as former contestants Rylan Clark, Vicky Pattison and Andi Peters.

Following the culinary showdown, Locksmith was eliminated by the judges, leaving Evans and Jamelia as the contestants advancing to the semi-finals. They will be joined by Marcus Brigstocke, Mica Ven, Max George, and Shazia Mirza, forming a group of successful participants moving into the next round. The semi-final lineup will be completed with the addition of two more celebrities from the final heat.

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