Carol Vorderman: Here's everything we know about her dating life, including her 5 'special friends'

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Carol Vorderman has revealed her unconventional approach to love and dating. Here's what she said about having multiple lovers.

Carol Vorderman has made headlines for so many reasons. The Welsh broadcaster, television host, and author is a popular media personality who has appeared in various popular television shows such as Loose Women, Strictly Come Dancing, and I’m a Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here.

Known to step into the unknown, whether it sparks controversy and talk or not, Carol has been quite candid about her unconventional approach to life, particularly dating. The media figure recently came out and spoke about how she has multiple boyfriends on rotation. Yes, you read that right. Carol, who has several long-term relationships, recently got candid about them, saying that she is no longer a believer in monogamy. Here’s what she said.

Carol’s multiple partners

Not one, or two, but Carol Vorderman has 5 long-term relationships that she pursues on a rotational basis. The 62-year-old TV presenter has 5 ‘special friends’, one of whom has been in her life for over 11 years. Carol has also been upfront about cutting out monogamy from her life, with her choosing to spend time with her ‘five special friends’. In conversation with the Rule Breakers podcast, Carol Vorderman said the following about her unconventional approach to dating.

"The 'special friends' system, even though it might seem quite shocking to some people now, won't be in 20 years time, it will be absolutely standard. This whole assumption, 'Have you got a partner yet? Have you got a man?' Well, no actually I've got five."

Saying no to a judgmental environment

Carol, who is said to have a detailed system in place to juggle between her 5 special friends, said that all is well with her, and she’s having the time of her life when it comes to her love life. She is unlearning everything from the judgmental way of life that she grew up in and is embracing love, whether it comes in twos or fives. Here’s what she said about her current system.

"I have spoken about this once. I have a system which I've had for 10 years which is called 'special friends. "I have to know the person. These are longterm relationships. I'm not into one-night-stands. One's 11 years, one's seven years. Everyone is single. It's a happy place to live... there's no harm being done."

As per The Mirror, she said the following about her approach to dating and how liberating it is for her.

"I live my life in chapters, and you said and this chapter since I was about 50. So for the last decade or so, I've lived a life which is much freer.”
"I've never felt freer. So I have ignored the looking for one person and I have a number of what I've called 'special friends.”

Throwing the traditions out of the window

Throwing away the fairytale myth of happily ever afters with just one man, Carol seems content in her system of dating, no matter whose morals it might hurt. The TV star has been married twice before, both of which ended in a divorce. Carol, who has never shied away from speaking up about sensitive subjects, said the following about how judgment is spewed onto women as per Yahoo! News.

"The language around a woman of my generation is that if you had more than one partner before you got married... everything was derogatory about a woman, that was the environment I was growing up in. It was like 'she's desperate', everything was judgmental."

She also said that since most marriages end in divorce these days, this kind of relationship will be more acceptable in the near future.

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