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In a tragic and mysterious case, 10-year-old Sara Sharif was found dead in her home. Here's is the status of the case right now.

The mysterious death of 10-year-old year Sara Sharif has been nothing short of shocking for the Woking community in Surrey. Sara’s body was discovered in her family home and has sustained multiple injuries that were caused over a long period of time.

This tragic death of a young child infuriated the authorities and the community and thus began a long-drawn-out investigation that took some dark, twisted roads. Here’s the route the case took, and where it stands currently.

The early investigation phase

The body of young Sara was found on the 10th of August in her family residence in Horsell. The body was found covered under a blanket on a bunk bed. And the police immediately turned to three individuals as the persons of interest in this case. The accused include Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, her stepmother, Beinash Batool, and her uncle, Faisal Malik. As per reports, the three accused parties left the UK and took off to Islamabad in Pakistan, with five children the day before Sara’s body was discovered, that is, the 9th of August. In a weird turn of events. Urfan made a 999 call from Pakistan soon after he arrived there, with the other two accused and his 5 children.

While the post-mortem report didn’t clearly indicate the exact cause of Sara’s death, it was confirmed that she sustained multiple and extensive injuries that were inflicted over a long period of time. Based on extensive probing and information, the death is unlikely to be of a natural cause.

The whereabouts of the accused

At this point, the authorities had to proceed with an international-level manhunt to locate the accused parties. The search for her father continued until Urfan and Beinash spoke publicly for the first time via a video statement. The video posted by Sky News saw Beinash with a poker face on, reducing this tragic death of Sara as a mere ‘incident’. But the couple did agree to cooperate with the official UK authorities.

Soon, the relatives of the accused were questioned, and the officials realized that the couple was in ‘hiding’. The Pakistan police went on to take custody of Sara’s 5 siblings from their grandfather’s home and sent them to a government-run child center for the time being. The accused were soon caught at Gatwick Airport on the 13th of September as they were returning to the UK via Dubai.

The legal charges that followed

On the 15th of September, the father, stepmother, and uncle were charged with Sara’s murder, with the trial date set for September 2024. The charged parties were soon remanded into custody, till the date of their next hearing, as per Yahoo! News.

The police seek more leads

With twists and turns, this tragic story is set to see light and bring justice to Sara. In an effort to enable people to speak up and provide more information about Sara’s life, the UK police are releasing new images of the deceased. They released pictures of her wearing a black hijab in one of the images and a blue one in the other pictures. They also circulated a picture of the young girl without the traditional Muslim headscarf. As per Yahoo! News, Surrey Police have circulated two new images of Sara which present her "in the way we believe she may have dressed in the months prior to her death".

Residents of Surrey are paying tribute to the young child who was stolen away from the community tragically. The officials are urging anyone who might have had contact with Sara to come forward with information, and help bring justice to the deceased.

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