Fiona Phillip reveals what it has been like to live with Alzheimer's and it's heartbreaking

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Fiona Phillips is fighting a big battle against Alzheimer's and is sharing positivity and hope with her fans.

Fiona Phillips is one of the most beloved English television hosts and broadcasters out there. Best known for presenting the ITV breakfast program, GMTV Today, Fiona recently got candid about a major health hurdle she is currently facing.

The 62-year-old star has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, over a year ago. Another sad story to add to the list, with Bruce Willis suffering from dementia, as well as Timothy West's wife, Prunella. And recently she decided to increase awareness by being open about her health condition and how she’s coping with it. With Alzheimer’s in her genes, Fiona is still clutching to hope and is choosing to see the silver lining. Here’s everything you need to know about Fiona Phillip’s diagnosis, symptoms, and her attitude to combat the illness.

Fiona Phillip’s Alzheimer's diagnosis

The ITV star recently spoke up about her unfortunate diagnosis, as she is yet another victim of Alzheimer’s disease. Being a party genetic disease, Fiona has watched several family members of hers suffer from the condition. As per the Daily Mirror, she discovered that she had this disease a year ago, after experiencing major brain fog and anxiety. She said the following as per BBC, while talking about her health condition.

“It's something I might have thought I'd get at 80. But I was still only 61 years old. My poor mum was crippled with it, then my dad, my grandparents, my uncle. It just keeps coming back for us.”

Fiona experiments with drugs

While Alzheimer’s isn’t curable at the moment, there are medicines available that reduce its effects and symptoms. Fiona is currently putting herself on the line and is a part of the clinical trials at the University College Hospital in London to help find a solution for the condition. So, she is being injected with drugs, to hopefully eliminate the disease. She said the following.

“The drugs are brand new and they're expecting a lot from this and so am I.”
"I’m living with it by not letting it ruin things. I am just carrying on as much as I can. It’s when I talk about it that I can’t quite believe I’m talking about myself -’m used to talking about it in relation to my mum and my dad having it.. my whole family has been slaughtered by it. I’m not sure if the drugs are working or not.. I don’t think anyone would know there is anything wrong with me.. but who knows? Would they?"

Her work towards Alzheimer’s awareness

Addressing the elephant in the room on World Alzheimer’s Day, she delved into the scientific work that is going into hopefully finding a breakthrough for the disease. With the aim to increase awareness and spread hope, she said:

"Yes, I’m living with it. I try and ignore it.. Sometimes I don’t even remember that I’ve got it - probably because I’ve got it. I don’t want to sugar coat it - it’s a shit thing to have - but I’m still doing nice things and I’m getting on with it.. What choice do I have?"
"I'm just doing what I normally do. I don't want to not work, be sitting around playing with my fingers, or watching telly. I just like doing things."

Fiona’s unwavering support

Fiona was in full awe of her husband Martin Frizell, editor of ITV’s This Morning, who has been her pillar of strength through it all. She said that he has been so amazing, and as per The Mirror, she also said the following in a joking manner.

“Yes, Martin is still stabbing me three times a day with these tiny needles with the drugs". I think he’ll be disappointed if it comes to an end and he can’t do that anymore."

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