Harper Beckham has acquired this talent from mother Victoria at a young age

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Adding to the list of talents in the Beckham household, Victoria has revealed Harper's secret talent that no one knew about.

The Beckham household is famous for its diversity in talent. With a world-famous footballer for a father, and a Spice Girl for a mother, the Beckham family genes run strong. With the 4 children inheriting different talents from the powerhouse of a couple, the apple(s) certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree(s).

These genes aren’t just about talent but have translated with looks too, with Victoria’s fit lifestyle at 49 seen in the future of their children.

Romeo Beckham is a David Beckham lookalike, with his haircut and football skills being on fleek with his dad. Brooklyn Beckham, on the other hand, is dabbling with a little bit of cooking, despite fans deeming his cooking skills a nightmare.

All in all, the Beckham kids are all equipped with different sets of talents. Recently, 12-year-old Harper is revealed to have a unique skill that she got from her mama, Victoria. Here’s what it is.

Harper’s special skills

While most 12-year-olds are playing with toys or are not quite yet transitioning to doing ‘teenager’ things, Harper is different. David and Victoria’s youngest and only girl child is living up to her true creative potential. Living in a household filled with boys, Harper has chosen to go a completely different route from her brothers.

And reports have it that she is a maestro with the brush. No, we aren’t talking about the paintbrush. Harper is allegedly an expert with a makeup brush, which one can assume is a skill she picked up from her fashionista mother.

Harper’s makeup skills

Harper’s makeup skills aren’t the usual eyeliner, lip gloss, and mascara routine, but actual professional stuff. As per Victoria herself, Harper is quite the makeup expert. And her love for makeup has her doing professional techniques such as contouring, which honestly, most adults struggle with. She has allegedly been able to ‘contour for quite some time’.

This is a very convenient hobby for Harper given that Victoria Beckham Beauty (launched in 2019) is just within her fingertips. Harper has been trying out some of Victoria’s products and even accompanies her mother on business trips.

Different shades of Harper

While most of the world saw Harper as a little girl, it is safe to say that the little girl is almost a grown-up now. As per Victoria’s conversation with The Times, this is what she said about Harper’s passion for makeup.

“She’s been able to do a full face and contour for quite some time. She’s good at doing it very naturally. Going to Space NK is her favourite treat after school. If she does well in a test, I’ll take her to the one down the road – it’s her favourite thing. She’s obsessed.”

But passion or not, Victoria does not approve of her young daughter leaving the home with makeup on.

Blending it like Beckham

David was in full awe of his daughter as he shared a heartfelt post of Harper putting on makeup for him before a big event. He even described her as his ‘little makeup artist’. The caption of the post read the following.

"Daddy apparently needed a little powder & contouring (not sure what that means but I looked better whatever it was) my little makeup artist @victoriabeckham."

Victoria has also previously shared snippets on her social media of Harper dabbling with her makeup. While Victoria is concerned about Harper wearing makeup in public, she is also encouraging Harper’s passion. The mum of four is also extremely worried about whether body shaming will impact her daughter, given that she is at the age where bodies start changing, as per People Magazine.

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